Colin Sablack
Khyzer Chaudhary Garrett Parker Christos Theodoropoulos Till Janzer
Doron Raviv Stephan Schuchardt Dave Sheppard Jerry Lillard
Chris Johnson Armand Guri


Scored goals:

  1. Jerry Lillard
  2. Armand Guri
  3. Christos Theodoropoulos


It was a cold and wet football night, not as significant as, it was the first time Partisan played a team in the dark. The lights for the pitch gave off as much glow as your grandparent's basement lighting. The opposition was DHL, and the task, to keep our expat league winning streak going. Partisan took control of the game fast, sending several waves of attacks the first 5 minutes of the game. 5th minute, Partisan was rewarded early when a long range shot was parried by the DHL keeper, but Lillard was there to pick up the rebound and slotted the ball into the goal. Partisan 1-0. Partisan didn't have to wait long for another goal. 10th minute, Theodoropoulos, in his debut, pokes in another goal past the keeper off of a rebound from a free kick well taken by Johnson. Partisan 2-0. It was pretty much all Partisan until, suddenly, out of nowhere, DHL launched an attack from the midfield, sending their right winger for a run. Despite left back Janzer sticking to him, the winger launched a perfect cross to an on-running striker, who beat first time Partisan keeper Sablack. 25th minute, Partisan 2-1. From that point on, the game became more balanced, both sides trading blows. 30th minute, Lillard and Chaudhary came off for Ostrowski and Olubokun. 5 minutes later, DHL equalized after the ball bounced around at the edge of the box, defenders failing to clear it, giving another DHL striker a chance to take a low shot to the left corner. Sablack was furious, trying to motivate Partisan with loud shouts from the goal line. The half ended with at 2-2 draw, leaving it up to Partisan to regain control of the game. Half Time: Partisan 2 - 2 DHL Unfortunately, it was the opposite, and DHL started to give Partisan all kinds of trouble. 50th minute, DHL scores again off a cross from the edge of the box. Partisan fought back with another goal 5 minutes later, with Guri running through two defenders and taking a close range shot. Partisan 3-3. 60th minute, Theodoropoulos scored his second goal for Partisan, bringing Partisan to 4-3. Substitutes Lillard and Chaudhary came back on for Janzer and Child, but it didn't take long after taking the lead for DHL to fight back by out-dribbling three Partisan defenders and slotting it past Sablack, who couldn't have done a thing about it. The tide finally turned for Partisan in minute 71, when Theodoropoulos lined up for a free kick about 20 yards out. He took a shot, which bounced off of DHL's striker who was walking back across the line of the kick - 10-yard rule? - and the whistle blew. Theodoropoulos got a yellow card for not listening for the referee's whistle. He calmly placed the ball again, and bent it like a Greek god version of Beckham. The ball circled past the wall into the right corner and Partisan took the lead 5-4. 76th minute, Theodoropoulos scores again, giving Partisan its second two goal lead of the game. To smash the last faint hope of DHL coming back again, we got a little help from on of their own. 80th minute, Guri sent a hard cross into the box, bewildering one of their defenders, who turned around and shot point blank into his own net. That would conclude this crazy goal feast with a win for Partisan 7-4. This wasn't a pretty game, or a great example of defensive football, but Partisan kept battling, and got the W.