Radek Simunek
Sam Ross anonymous Dave Sheppard Jerry Lillard
Ricardo Garcia Bart Burgmans Vitaly Klopot Endre Szabo
Todd Benson Armand Guri


Scored goals:

  1. Armand Guri
  2. Todd Benson
  3. Armand Guri


Partisan adjusted their television sets to find a bright shade of fuscia staring back at them for the Sunday afternoon contest at Mecholupy. Inferno might have been better suited for the Tour de France with their T-mobile splayed across the front, but Jan Ulrich didn't show up. Guri struck quickly scoring a brilliant individual goal only a few minutes in. He would prove to be a handful all day for the boys in pink. He might have had his hattrick in the first half alone, hitting the post once, and playing on instead of going to ground inside the box, which left his teammates trying to remember if they'd ever seen him go to ground. Half Time: Partisan 1 - 0 Inferno With the game still relatively even at halftime, despite Partisan not being under much duress, Klopot kept up his league scoring run and changed the complexion of the match. He did well to get to the ball first between two defenders, and even better to keep his volley down, beating the keeper. 2-0. Cue the onslaught and goal barrage for Partisan. Benson shrugged off what must have been a personal record for offsides in the first half and got his brace. His first goal was a patented outside-of-the-right-foot lob of the keeper. Guri would pick up two more goals for his hattrick.