Radek Simunek
anonymous Garrett Parker Stephan Schuchardt Dammy Olubokun
Ricardo Garcia Dave Sheppard Bart Burgmans Endre Szabo
Vitaly Klopot Armand Guri


Scored goals:

  1. Vitaly Klopot


Partisan's second game of the league campaign. After our winning start against Kolovraty we were on our guard against Ujezd who had won their opening fixture 4-1, and as they lined up for kick-off, were a team of giants. Large in stature, small in mentality it would turn out. After a deadline and budget-busting transfer saga, captain Burgmans was able to make his debut, while Sheppard returned from gallavanting around under the Majorcan sun, so the famed Partisan engine room was in place, and the rest of the team fell naturally into place around them. Nevertheless, within 5 minutes we found ourselves a goal down. Ujezd broke through from the midfield, the linesman's flag went up, the ball found the net, and the ref overruled the linesman. Partisan players shook their heads in disbelief, but could do nothing and had to get on with the game. Most of the first half was a scrappy affair. Partisan held firm at the back but squandered possession too easily going forward. Ujezd played typical Czech football, which included falling down screaming every time we went near them. Their right winger had one tactic that he repeated several times (he didn't have any other facets to his game) - get in close to our left back, grab hold of him, and fall over for a free-kick. These set pieces also became predictable very quickly - floated over to the self-proclimed hlavickar at the back post, who headed back into the area. We had a few scares, one or two Simunek fumbles, but once we sussed their game out our back four, who had a faultless game, were able to deal with the attacks fairly comfortably; aided in particular by the constant tracking back of Burgmans. We were still a goal down though, and once again it was Klopot who opened the scoring for us. Garcia, playing on the right wing, collected a pass near the middle of the park and flicked it over the Ujezd centre-back. Klopot took the ball down just inside the Ujezd half and powered up the left wing before slotting it through the keeper's legs from about 15 yards. 1-1. We should then have gone a goal up, as Guri was put through in the middle of the pitch. He burst into the box and buried a shot past the keeper, however the Ujezd centre-back, realising he wasn't going to get either Guri or the ball, threw himself on the floor, and the ref awarded a free-kick against us, rather than the goal that should have stood. Unbelievable. Things then went from bad to worse. If the first goal we conceded was incorrect, the second was plain unlucky. A hopeful punt from the Ujezd midfield took a deflection off Parker and landed square at the feet of an Ujezd striker just on the edge of the box. He took a touch and buried a deft finish past Simunek who had little chance. Half Time: Partisan 1 - 2 Ujezd The second half was incident-packed to say the least. Winger Garcia earned another assist for Partisan's equalizer, lifting a pass through to Guri who went past a few players to the right corner of the 18-yard box then lobbed the keeper to the top left corner as he came out to cover. 2-2. Partisan were taking the game to their opponents, whose diving and theatrics continued, and tempers frayed on more than one occasion. After Sheppard was physically thrown to the ground in an off-the-ball incident he took revenge with a scything tackle and got a yellow for his troubles. Next up was Garcia, getting stuck in a little too much, who chopped at an Ujezd players ankles from behind. In the ensuing melee it was impossible to discern exactly went on. Garcia got a yellow for the foul, and it's possible that the Ujezd player got one for embellishing as well; the Ujezd linesman went ballistic, screaming every name under the sun at the ref before dramatically throwing his flag away and storming off. Curses and threats were screamed by numerous Ujezd players. Partisan opted to take Garcia off, with Child coming on to the right wing berth; play resumed. Partisan were stretching play down both wings now and had Ujezd on the back foot. Olubokun had been tearing Ujezd apart down the left wing and one fast break saw him put a great cross over for Child who headed just over the bar. Our progress wasn't to last though. Guri, who had been a constant thorn in Ujezd's side, went racing through the middle after a through ball and their keeper came charging off his line to intercept. Guri put the brakes on, but the keeper's momentum as he dived on the ball carried him into our forward, and of course then the theatrics began; three Ujezd defenders were screaming in Guri's face in a matter of milliseconds, and the ref pulled out the yellow card. After further prompting from the Ujezd players and consulting of his notebook, the ref then realised he'd already booked Guri (for putting the ball in the net after the linesman's flag had gone up), and had no choice but to show him the red. The remainder of the game was played out in typically hostile fashion, the highlight being Ujezd's aforementioned hlavickar elbowing Burgmans in the chest after the ball had gone out of play and then barging through Ostrowski as he trotted into the box to await the ensuing throw-in. Classy guy. The final whistle shortly afterwards spared us any more of Ujezd's idiocy, but unfortunately robbed us of 3 points that should have been ours, and, unless an appeal on behalf of Guri is successful, then also robbed us of our main striker ahead of next weekend's tricky tie against Hrdlorezy.