Radek Simunek
Doron Raviv anonymous Gordon Nelson Gerd Lemke
Mark Matthews Dave Sheppard Vitaly Klopot Ashkan Shapouri
Filip Kudrev Armand Guri


Scored goals:

  1. Vitaly Klopot
  2. Ricardo Garcia


A match with Nigerians FC is always an animated affair. The eleven o'clock kickoff time proved difficult for the Nigerians, seeing as Chapeau Rouge had only closed a few hours earlier. They began rolling up around eleven thirty in a very casual fashion. Despite the requests from Partisan players to hurry up, they took their time changing and discussing strategy. The game began with Partisan controlling the midfield. Klopot, back from injury, played admirably, uncharacteristically going hard into challenges. He teamed up well with Sheppard keeping things simple and distributing the ball. Together they kept the Nigerians from any decent build-ups. The defense began to utilise the offside trap, especially after it became clear that the Nigerians had no idea how to play against it. Despite the dominance of posession, the game remained scoreless. A couple of long distance rips from Guri were dealt with easily. Partisan had a succession of free kicks that all went over the bar. Eventually Partisan got their well deserved first goal. Klopot blasted a shot from the top corner of the box and the keeper had no chance. Shortly after that the referee blew the halftime whistle. It had only been 30 minutes, but what do you expect when the game started so late. Half Time: Partisan 1 - 0 Nigerians In the second half, Partisan domination of posession continued, although the Nigerians were still dangerous. Their stategery appeared to be the long ball. Nelson, being from Scotland, was very familiar with this tactic and continually pushed the Partisan backline up for the offsides trap. Sheppard got the second goal and Partisan grew with confidence. A typical run from Guri took him to the byline and his ball into the box took a deflection off the leg of a Nigerian defender and landed at the feet of Sheppard who made no mistake and buried it in the bottom left corner. 2-0. The third goal came when Nelson played a quick restart to Ostrowski. He sent a through ball to our new Brazilian Garcia. He took his time, smoked a cigarrette, called up Larry King Live, and then ripped a shot. The keeper, still unclear at what was going on, managed to get a hand on the ball, but it dribbled over the line. 3-0. Then Partisan began to get a bit complacent. The Nigerians got back into the match when Ostrowski played a hospital ball back to Simunek. The keeper was a bit slow to come off his line and the quick Nigerian striker beat him to the ball to make it 3-1. Partisan were still in control due to midfield supremecy. They could have easily added to their tally with Matthews doing his best to make something out of nothing or occasionally nothing out of something. Guri was playing unusually calm and collected with no sense of urgency. Sheppard, usually very dangerous from set pieces, sent in a worm burner from only 25 yards out. Towards the end of the match, the Nigerians got a second goal. The ball bounced around inside the box, Simunek made a save or two, but in the end the Nigerians scored. At this point, there were only a couple minutes left to go, and Partisan managed to hold on. Last word went to Child. Pushing up from right back he exchanged passes with newcomer Kudrev, cut inside and let loose a shot from just outside the 18. It wasn't the strongest but was well placed, just evaded the keeper's fingertips as he dived, but came back off the inside of the post and the keeper gathered. Seconds later the ref blew for full time.