Jorg Inning
Doron Raviv Phil Alexander Keyur Patel Endre Szabo
Vitaly Klopot Stephan Schuchardt Dave Sheppard Adrian Kieran Dammy Olubokun
Sigve Pedersen


Scored goals:


It was a good day for football and from a distance the pitch looked wonderful......... Today we were up against fierce rivals Dynamo Zizkov. We'd had a disappointment against IFC in the previous league fixture and the league title was all but gone. However, confidence had returned in midweek after a 7-1 thrashing of the Tradesmans Arms and no one was planning to let Dynamo Zizkov enjoy the kind of result IFC had the week before. The 4-5-1 formation that had worked so well in midweek would be employed again today. A wise move which brough instant benefit as the opposition's main threat in midfield was kept very quiet by Schuchardt for the first 15 minutes. It was a 15 minutes we dominated, and a 15 minutes in which we should have scored. Kieran slid in on a perfect cross just minutes in but couldn't put it in the net. It wouldn't be the last time we missed an opportunity. Shortly after that Partisan were incensed when a stonewall penalty was not given - even the Zizkov players looked surprised - as ageing referee pan Gregr bottled it and awarded an indirect free-kick inside the box instead. Should and could have been 2-0 up in the first 10 minutes. Disaster struck right around the time crocked keeper Simunek hobbled his way to the bench to watch the action. Schuchardt, "the lynchpin", was injured in a challenge with DZ's captain. He had to come off immediatley and the diagnosis from "Doctor" Rice was not good - broken metatarsal bone (fears fortunately allayed by a real doctor). Having lost a couple of players during the previous game against IFC it seemed that guys were dropping fast. After that Dynamo started to come into the game a bit more and we had ourselves a real contest. But despite this Partisan still found themselves on top and creating the most clear cut chances. Despite a few of us being able to say "I really should have scored" by the end of the first half, the clearest chance has to go Burgmans who with time and space one on one with the keeper opted for power instead of placement and blazed over the bar. Half Time: Partisan 0 - 0 DZ It was a frustrating afternoon and the story of the second half was no different. Another injury, this time to Patel, left us with a makeshift back 4 (marshalled by an inspired performance from captain Alexander), which did well not to concede or even allow the opposition many chances at all. When the chances did come Inning was immense and never looked troubled by the opposition. We didn't win, we should've won. However, when you consider we lost key players, we played very well despite the adversity and never looked troubled by a team which supposedly will go on to win the league. They will be happy with the point.