Radek Simunek
Sam Ross Phil Alexander Garrett Parker Dammy Olubokun
Doron Raviv Bart Burgmans Chris Johnson Vitaly Klopot
Sigve Pedersen Armand Guri


Scored goals:

  1. Sigve Pedersen
  2. Sigve Pedersen


A beautifully sunny spring day at Suchdols grass ground, and an opportunity for Partisan to test their abilities against a direct playing Midway FC side. The center backs were made up of Alexander and Parker, while Ross and Olubokun were handling the full back duties, with Simunek between the sticks. Partisan opted for a 4-4-1-1, with Pedersen in the hole between Guri the striker, and the two central midfielders Johnson and Burgmans. The wide men providing the crosses were Child and Klopot. The former who reached a milestone today with his 100th game for the club! Kick off, with Partisan looking the most hungry for goal, as Guri saw his effort sail wide. However, it was Midway that got the opener when their striker latched onto a through ball and stormed into the box within the first few minutes of the game. 0-1! Partisan's high back line were punished as the striker, with acres of space in front of him, snook a well hit ball into the bottom left corner of the goal. The first half continued with Partisan getting more of a grip on the game and beginning to dominate, Johnson and Burgmans setting the pace of the game in midfield with excellent passing at will, and Guri and Pedersen linking up well in front of goal. The high pressure from Partisan resulted in several corners and free kicks around the opposition area. Still, Partisan did not capitalize on it before Pedersen, with tight space around, struck a low, right footed drive that catapulted into the net halfway through the first half to balance the books. 1-1. Before that Child, Pedersen (twice) and Guri had narrowly been denied coming one on one with the keeper. The next 15 minutes it was all Partisan running the show with our wide men seeing more of the ball and setting up some nice opportunities, and the increasingly tired opposition unable to get a foot in. The ball found its way out on the far left flank where Klopot, with an intelligent ball just outside the box had found Pedersen, who flicked the ball into the path of the oncoming Guri. The Albanian gave himself time and space by holding off the last defender to put the ball into the back of the net with his right foot. 2-1. The roles were reversed a couple of minutes later, when an attack was building (again on the left). Guri advanced with the ball and after skipping past one opposition player squared the ball cleverly for Pedersen who had looked to be offside. Pedersen from the right, cut inside the last defender and struck the ball with his left, back into the bottom left corner of the keeper. 3-1. Substitutions were made around the 25 minute mark, with Pedersen heading for the bench in place of Taghavi, Patel entering the frame for Alexander, and Nelson replacing Ross. Nelson and Taghavi making their debuts for Partisan along with Brazilian winger Ricardo. Although technically, Ricardo will have to wait a little longer to make it official since he had to play right midfielder for Midway due to injuries! During the closing stages of the first half a slight lapse in concentration saw Midway pull back one goal after a long ball over the top of our defensive line caught us cold. Keeper Simunek was not fast enough off his line and a collison involving him, the Midway striker and center back Parker led to a dislocated shoulder for their striker for the price of a goal. The ball swerved free for a Midway player in a forward position to confidently slot high into the middle of the open goal, despite Parker's attempts to block the shot with his body. An ambulance was called shortly after and a welcoming break for the players to hydrate in the tropical temperature. Half Time: Partisan 3 - 2 Midway The match kicked off again, with Alexander replacing Parker at center back, Ross on for Child at the right wing, and Klopot substituted for Pedersen, who then moved up front with PJ dropping to left midfield. The opening of the second half was tighter and both teams seemed to be feeling each other out, to no use, because neither of them were able to find a way through in the last third of the pitch. Partisan reliying on flowing short passing football along the ground, that were cut off time and time again by Midway, whose own long ball hoofing counter-attack-strategy turned out fruitless initially. Around the hour mark Partisan created several chances but neither Johnson, Pedersen nor Guri could capitalize, all having clear cut chances inside the box. Pedersen's effort hit straight on the keeper, while Johnson and Guri were unable to connect properly with the ball as they saw their chances sail wide. Instead Partisan equalised from a corner when one of their towering players connected with the ball and the outmaneuvered Simunek could only watch as the ball flew in. 3-3. Substitutions after 67 minutes saw Parker back on for Patel, and Guri off for Klopot, who dropped to left wing where he had been successful before the break. Taghavi now shifting from left midfield to playing in the hole off Pedersen. The game was reaching its conclusion when Midway took advantage of a mistake from our nr.1 Simunek. The forward did not have to be asked twice and sent the Midway team into raptures with the seventh goal of the game in what must have been an enthralling game for the 6 neutrals who didn't pay to see the game. 3-4. Debutants Nelson and Taghavi were expressing themselves positively forward on the pitch and one run from Nelson looked promising but nothing came out of it in the end. Taghavi had a hand in several combinations late on and a shot that fizzled over the crossbar. A goal for Partisan was sure to come and both Burgmans and Klopot had decent chances squandered. The latter elegantly advanced into the box from the left but could not sort out his feet in the end and was dispossessed. A last substitution from Partisan brought Guri on for Burgmans at center back, while Alexander was pushed up to midfield. It was Pedersen who around the 85 minute mark provided the goal. A break on the right side was started by Olubokun, who held up the ball brilliantly on several occasions in the last part of the second half, and provided an outlet for his team. The ball was played direct up to Taghavi who suddenly found himself in acres of space with several options in front of him. He sent Pedersen through alone with the keeper and he did no mistake when he cooly placed the ball to the left of the keeper with his right foot to make it his hattrick. 4-4. The 8 goal thriller ended an entertaining, chaotic, action filled friendly game with Partisan arguably having more of a reason to feel aggrieved than their counterparts Midway FC.