Scored goals:

  1. Josh Campbell
  2. Sergey Zhmako
  3. Doron Raviv


Another Sunday and an early KO. Some sorry faces stumble onto the pitch. Tales of the night before are swapped, and some feeble attempts are made to look professional by booting the ball around in a warm-up like measure. A few crass jokes are made about the wet patch on the penalty spot and the general mood is good. Today's opposition are Medics Utd and they're late... and by the looks of things they have had a good skin-full themselves the night before. They known to the Partisan veterans who remember losing to them in their first ever 11-a-side almost a year ago. The only survivors of that game today are Keaty, Janzer, and Karlsonn (who scored the goal), although Andress would have played only for an injury that day and instead was a controversial ref. With a broad range of ages in the Partisan line up today, Swedes in the shape of Karlsson and Landgren, and padding in the shape of the Scottish additions Clarke, Clifford and Haig, the team are hungry for victory. Partisan start off lively and aggressive. This soon pays dividends when Child makes a dash down the right wing using some nice trickery and a few knock-ons to pass to the feet of Campbell in the box who sweeps it into the back of the net. Nice! 1-0. With the wind in our sails, Partisan apply more pressure where it hurts and through some nice interplay between Karlsson and Campbell start causing havoc with the opposition, who were admittedly more used to playing 5-a-sides. After being released by the defence, Karlsson dribbles past a few of his own players before planting a sweet cross into Haig who sticks out his little toe to poke another one home - probably not the last time the man will score poking his little one into the hole - 2-0. With Wein and Keaty now off injured - through disagreements with a manhole drainage cover and an opposition players studs respectively - there is some concern that without these battle-hardened veterans, the team might struggle to control the centre. Additionally, Harris is substituted for Tiller the Left-Back Filler while he recovers and drinks his second Red Bull. Substitute Zhmako soon makes an immediate impact by heading in at the far post from another Child cross from the right. It should be added at this point that Child, with two assists under his belt and a few more points to add to his embarrassing Canadian points tally, runs all the way over to Harris to torment him. Harris drinks another Red Bull. After what seems like a 60 minute half the two sides look ready for a rest and the whistle is blown. Partisan, after telling each other not to be complacent about the 3-0 advantage during the halftime talk, do exactly that and lose their shape a bit. However, against the run of play, Karlsson and Campbell who by now are looking quite the couple, have some great interplay in the box and finish the move with a Karlsson goal from a difficult angle. 4-0. Our defenders, not to be outdone, continue to be solid and vocal, encouraging the now-knackered midfield to get their fecking arses back and defend. And then it happens...the Clarke nutmeg. Not only does he nutmeg the aspiring doctor but also tells the poor sod before it happens. This seems to be the turning point in the game. Enraged and embarrassed maybe, Medics up the pace of their game tenfold and start testing the midfield with some good movements. This soon results in what was probably the goal of the game when Juan, their Art Garfunkel lookalike dribbles through our attackers, then our midfield, before out-manoeuvering our defence to score a pretty goal against the by now bored Polishchuk, who hasnt had much to do. 4-1. A well-deserved goal by the Medics. Still, with such a nice cushion, Partisan continue playing like its a Sunday stroll and get punished by yet another good goal from our lanky happy African friend who smacks a hard one past an utterly-rooted-to-the-spot Polishchuk. 4-2. Partisan were seriously in danger of losing the plot, and with Captain Marvel lying on the sidelines, it was up to another stalwart, Wing Commander Child, to restore some shape. Pressing forward, Partisan earned a free-kick on the edge of the box. Karlsson stepped up to take it and blasted the ball past the wall. The Medics keeper parried, however Child was lurking just inside the box and lashed the ball across goal and into the bottom left corner. 5-2. With confidence and a three-goal cushion restored, the rest was a formality. Karlsson slotted one more hope, about which we remember very little, and the whistle went for a mostly-comfortable 6-2 victory, whence both teams repaired to the pub for some amber nectar. Thanks to the Medics for a good game, despite their inexperience, and for knocking us out of our complacence in the second half.