Radek Simunek
Doron Raviv Garrett Parker Stephan Schuchardt Dammy Olubokun
Sam Ross Bart Burgmans Phil Alexander Jerry Lillard
Todd Benson Dan Finlay


Scored goals:

  1. Jerry Lillard


Partisan's third game in the expat mini-league saw them face a familiar IFC side, desperate for a win and lining up on grass for the first time this season. Losing against DZ in recent weeks, left Partisan with the feeling that they had something to prove, to themselves and the rest of the league. The opening 30 mins or so however, failed to dispel any of those feelings. The game was a typically tight affair with both teams giving nothing away. The pitch seemed a little on the small side with play shifting from end to end constantly and almost no link-up play coming from midfield. The best chance early in the half fell to the head of Alexander eight yards from goal, when he headed just wide. Substitutions were being made at 30 and 60 minutes, which would hopefully inject a little stability into the side. At 30 minutes, Child took a breather, with Sheppard coming on at right midfield and Ross dropping back to right back. Norwegian newcomer Pedersen slotted in upfront for Finlay. The changes seemed to shake things up and almost immediately had an effect. A nice long ball from keeper Simunek found Pedersen in a wide right position, he slotted a ball down the line for a supporting Sheppard who fired a low ball across the face of the area which was met with confidence by an on-rushing Lillard six yards out. 1.0 Partisan. Half time came soon after with the whites breathing a sigh of relief. Half Time: Partisan 1 - 0 IFC The squad was bolstered by Ostrowski, running 'uncharacteristically' late, who took up his regular role at centre back a few minutes into the second half. The half began in the same way the first had ended with Partisan keeping the pressure on IFC. Sustained possession was sporadic though, with neither team really managing to get the ball down for any length of time. A free kick delivered in from the right flank by Sheppard was met by a solid Schudardt head, who is very capable in the air. Luckily for the IFC keeper it was almost directly down his throat and he managed to hold onto it. He was unable however, to prevent the next effort on goal from reaching the net. Pedersen latched onto a bouncing through ball from midfield and managed to toe-poke it past the on-rushing keeper. 2.0. Then followed a period of what seemed like constant stoppages which really prevented the game from flowing for either side. The most unnecessary of these incidents occurred when Simunek went to ground following a punch from a hot headed IFC player following a typical verbal exchange. The player in question began to throw kicks at the floored keeper and had to be wrestled away by Olubokun. The IFC individual was dismissed immediately and to the amazement to most on the field, so too was Olubokun. It seems preventing on-pitch violence also merits a red card. This was to be later rescinded by league authorities. Further substititions were made, Child and Ross keeping things tight at right-back between them and Finlay slotting in central midfiled to attempt to counter being reduced to 10 men. The incident marred a game played in otherwise good spirits and really prevented either side from finding any kind of rhythm on the remaining 10 or so minutes. Partisan were back to winning ways in the league and may have found a nice replacement for the hole up-front usually filled by a Norwegian. The following week will see what can be viewed as an unwelcome break. Just when they are finding their feet again.