Radek Simunek
Gerd Lemke Garrett Parker Dammy Olubokun Jerry Lillard
Mark Matthews Bart Burgmans Chris Johnson Daniel Bugel
Armand Guri Shaz Khaliq


Scored goals:

  1. Armand Guri
  2. Armand Guri
  3. Shaz Khaliq


So lads sorry for the late match report, but looks like I will be writing the match reports from now on...well depending on how many games I watch! So here goes.. Simunek captaining the side today, had a self picked team really! With only a couple of days notice the squad was slightly thin and Rice (my roomate haha) was called in to play that important role of sub. A noticeable change that was made, was Khaliq playing up front by himself and Guri behind him. The match kicked off slightly late, with the nigerians arriving at the wrong pitch and taking ages to get ready. Eventually we did start, well Partisan did anway! We started off with menace and were passing the ball around fluently, controlling the midfield; the Nigerians were still at home! The first goal came with Khaliq cutting in fron the right and passing it back to Guri who slotted it home. That was in the first 10 minutes and the onslaught carried on. I can't talk about all nine goals but mention and praise has to go to Khaliq and Guri, who played excellently together. Khaliq holding the ball up and Guri running onto anything. Guri was in a good mood as well, PASSING the ball out wide, letting the wingers come into play. Mention has to go to the defence as well who were handling the pace of the Nigerians very well, with Johnson controlling the back line, and an assured debut from new American centre-back signing Parker. The Nigerians did manage to nick one back at the end of the first half, but the score at half time was 4-1, Guri picking up his hattrick. Half Time: Partisan 4 - 1 Nigerians FC Team talk for second half...there really wasn't one! Keep attacking!! So at half time Rice came into centre mid and Bugel moved to right wing. The goals kept coming for Partisan, with Bugel very influential, running rings around the Nigerian defence and putting in some great crosses. Midway through the second half Khaliq latched onto one of Bugel's crosses and got his hattrick. The Nigerians did kick into gear, but there was Simunek making some great saves, with some acting of course! We could have scored more with Khaliq hitting the crossbar, and Lillard hitting the post and missing an open goal (from another great cross by Bugel). So to sum it up, well done Partisan! It was a great team display and a very good result. Have to say very much the opposite of the disappointing draw against Molly Malones. DZ next, hopefully there will be another excellent performance from our lads!