Radek Simunek
Dammy Olubokun Keyur Patel Jerry Lillard Bart Burgmans
Daniel Bugel Dave Sheppard Julien Vinhas Vitaly Klopot
Armand Guri Alex Fredriksen


Scored goals:

  1. Armand Guri


The day started with Johnson declaring his unavailability due to family problems. With no replacements available on such a short notice, Burgmans rang my phone and stated "I have a plan!!". Once at the pitch it was obvious that a lack of natural defenders was the main issue. Then Burgmans explained his Dutch-VanBasten tactic he planned for the game, for the first time ever Partisan are going to play 3-5-2 or, as he called it, Ultimate football, pressing all the way. With Lillard, Patel and Olubokun watching the back, Klopot, Vinhas, Burgmans, Sheppard, and Bugel spread across the midfield, while Fredriksen and Guri started up front. The Czech team were not usd to playing against this formation and struggled at first, repeatedly launching long balls into the area which required a lot of concentration to get. But on 10 minutes, the Partisan midfield overplayed the ball instead of playing quick passes, lost the ball, resulting in a long pass to Bankovni's quick winger who outmuscled Lillard and unleashed a shot from outside the box which went into the top right corner. 0-1. Picking ourselves up immediately after the kickoff, Partisan exchanged a variety of beautful combinations, resulting in Guri finding space inside the box and shooting a powerful ground shot leaving the keeper with no chance. 1-1. Finding new energy Partisan pushed on and created several more chances. Another good combination resulted in Klopot finding the net to make it 2-1 to Partisan. Partisan were on top and Bankovni's keeper had to be alert to save from Guri in a one-on-one. Half Time: Partisan 2 - 1 Bankovni Balet In the second half Finlay came on for Bugel on the right. Bankovni Balet came in with a different strategy as they started to put the ball more on the ground, trying to create spaces with their wingers, but still the chances came in more for Partisan, including notably a header by Fredriksen which their keeper saved. Then came the 10 mins of madness. A foul by Lillard which was very clearly ouside of the box saw the player falling into the box and was called as a penalty. Lining up Simunek guessed right and got a touch of the ball but the shot was too strong and it went in. 2-2 Partisan again pushed on, but another lapse in midfield where we hung on to the ball resulted in another long ball pass. Simunek came out to close the angle, Lillard chased their winger and KABOOM!!! unleashed an outside foot volley which went top right of the goal.... fantastic goal yet unfortunately at the wrong end of the field. 2-3. Trying to fight back Partisan again tried to go forward, and kept creating chances. However, when Simunek defensively kicked a ball out for a throw-in, the referee awarded a corner. The corner was quickly taken, even though Partisan were marking to defend a throw, and the resulting goal counted despite our protests. Things started to heat up as the many fouls were called one-sided in this 10 minutes of madness. Another Bankovni combination into the box resulted in Simunek grabbing the striker in desperation... penalty called. Their center back jogged upfield shouting that he'd never scored a goal and would want one. He lined up, Simunek guessed correctly again and saved the shot to his left. The score line didn't change after that despite Partisan pushing forward until the end. Big compliments to the whole team for playing well with a new formation and battling on despite the poor calls. And the defense for handling the constant long-ball pressure. Quote of the night came from our Albanian hatchet man in the locker room, who had been having cramps during the second half - "I wanted to kill that guy but I couldn't catch him".