Radek Simunek
Doron Raviv Keyur Patel Phil Alexander Dammy Olubokun
Sam Ross Bart Burgmans Stephan Schuchardt Vitaly Klopot
Daniel Bugel Armand Guri


Scored goals:

  1. Todd Benson


On early Saturday morning boundary conditions were perfect for a nice and exciting match against Molly Mallones. The sun was shining and some players noticed with relief that the playing field was a bit shorter than usual. In the brand-new changing rooms the biting smell of special creams created a professional atmosphere and made sure that everyone had free lungs (and watery eyes). The first actions of the match promised that it would be a good game and showed that Partisan was clearly the predominant team. Both wingers, Klopot on the left and Ross on the right, broke several times with good runs through the porous Mallones defence and caused dangerous situations with good crosses. Closing down rapidly and tough tackling Partisan kept the pressure up and only long clearances gave their opponents some relief. Again and again Guri created space for himself with good dribbling and tested Mallones keeper with shots from in and around the box. These chances created several corners for Partisan, one such from Ross finding substitute Benson (on for Guri) who headed cleanly and unstoppably into the left corner for his 10th goal of the year. Kieran, on for Klopot on the left, was making some good runs into Molly's box, but one flying header - and possibly an elbow on Molly's defensive midfielder - provoked a flood of colourful cursing from the aggrieved recipient. In the other direction, Molly Mallonesstrikers were sent a dozen times with long balls into Partisans half but their efforts always ended with the strong defense of Alexander and Patel. Half Time: Partisan 1 0 Molly Mallones In the second half Klopot came back on for Ross and Guri returned in place of Bugel. Partisan knew that the lead of one goal was dangerous and just one lapse could undo all their effort until then. The team continued strongly with good passing play in the midfield, sending Benson into the opposing box several times, however, Mallonesdefence bore up against the pressure. The final round of subs saw Ross back on for Child and Bugel in at centre-mid for Burgmans. The relieving and deserved second goal was scored in the 70th minute, again after a corner kick which Mallonesdefence wasnt able to clear. The ball fell in front of Guris feet who shot it over a defenders head into the top corner of the goal. Video replay suggested this may have been an own goal, but until a further viewing/debate opportunity presents itself, we'll let Guri claim it. Up until then it had been mostly a fair match but then a dreaded Irish slide of Kieran was the start of a series of ugly fouls from Partisan which caused a few interventions and injuries on our opponents side. A dubious refereeing decision in the 80th minute robbed Kieran of a goal when received a nice pass from Bugel out of the midfield and blasted the ball from 25 metres into the goal. Throughout the match Molly Mallones strikers werent able to overcome the strongly competitive Olubokun who not only ran rings around them but also impressed with a header off the side of his face, followed soon after by a throw-in which saw him land flat on his belly. Overall a nice game and a comfortable win for Partisan Prague against weakly playing Molly Mallones who were not able to cause Simunek any serious difficulties over the complete period.