Radek Simunek
Gerd Lemke Dammy Olubokun anonymous Steve Hornback
Vitaly Klopot Endre Szabo Stephan Schuchardt Dan Finlay
Alex Fredriksen Destine Aduwa


Scored goals:


An unusual but capable squad was gathering at Stepanska at 2pm on Saturday on the first day of November. The Halloween parties the night before took some casualties and gave some survivors as well. While Ostrowski joined the team despite the big night and three months off injured, Shaz could not make the effort to show up despite a firm promise at 11am for sobering up in time. The line-up suffered a further blow just before the game as Lillard rushed in just at the time of the kick-off. Brother-in-law Hornback, in his first match for six months, replaced him at the right full back with more or less success. The game started with a nice pass in the midfield to Finlay who cleverly push the ball over to Szabo, who curved in nicely over the goalie and the defenders just onto Aduwa's head who headed it over the bar! Despite his speech in the car about promising a hattrick, clearly it was a miss of the most obvious chance of the game. What a different game it would have been. The rest of the half was spent with lot of work in the midfield, while Zizkov hit the bar twice. Still it was a play of equals with no real dominance by either of the teams. Unfortunately both Fredriksen and Aduwa had problems to handle the ball and while they both did a fair amount of work, all of their efforts were wasted with bad passes or a bad dribble. The defense was solid with Ostrowski and Olubokun controlling the center. Lemke brought his no-nonsense play and let no chance for the Zizkov strikers until for some reason he started a boxing match a couple of minutes before half time. Both players were sent off and although they not only shook hands but also hugged each other off the pitch, both teams played the rest of the match with 10 men. Having Lillard on in the second part of the first half the team showed more courage on the sides but the incident broke the good developments. Half Time: Partisan 0 - 0 Zizkov 0 In the second half the game continued in its smooth pace until an obvious misunderstanding between Olubokun and Simunek resulted in a very stupid goal scored by Zizkov. Olubokun ignoring Simuneks call practically lifted the ball from the goalies hand just in front of a Zizkov player, who easily butted it into the net. Frustrating goal, but even more frustration came some minutes later. The otherwise rock-solid center backs hesitated and gave away the ball. Simunek and the Zizkov striker collided in the penalty box leaving Simunek in pain and the ball trickling into the net. The goal was given by the ref. After some time for Simunek's recovery, Partisan woke up. Good runs on the line, great balls into the center from the wings by Klopot, Lehmann, Lillard and Szabo; great breaks by Klopot, Finlay and Fredriksen; good attempts by Olubokun and Finlay; headers by Klopot and Fredriksen. Zizkov, who defended with full team and dove into each ball, blocked all these with a fair amount of luck. Although they tried some counters, which were stopped by the tireless Schuchardt and Olubokun/Ostrowski pairing, clearly it was Partisan who ruled. Too late and too little? Why did we not play like this from the first minute? 0-2 at the end with a bitter aftertaste. Clearly with some exception - the squad was capable to beat Zizkov. I guess this is what is called routine the fact that this team have never played together before. It was also a lesson that some of our bright players need much more pitch time to get use to the atmosphere, so they will not shake when the ball is at their feet. Or on their head