Radek Simunek
Gerd Lemke Keyur Patel Armand Guri Till Janzer
Vitaly Klopot Dave Sheppard Stephan Schuchardt Dammy Olubokun
Adrian Kieran Anders Rokaas


Scored goals:

  1. Jerry Lillard
  2. Alex Fredriksen
  3. Adrian Kieran


It was a beautiful Saturday morning in Sterboholy; the sunshine promising a great day of football. IFC was the opponent, and as soon as local road workers found out about this rivalry game, they decided to come watch this classic match up and do some digging all at the same time. The drama began in the locker room, when Lillard predicted that he would score 2 goals. No one believed in this prediction, only to leave Lillard calm, cool, and confident, because he knew it was simply fate. The game began with Burgmans, Lillard, and Fredricksen on the bench, but with IFC a man down for the first 20 minutes, Lillard took the position of forward for IFC. The game began with a lot of back and forth. Partisan tried to enforce dominance on the field, but never quite got there in the first 20 minutes. Subs rolled out at 23 minutes with Lemke, Adrian, and Sheppard coming off for Burgmans, Lillard, and Fredricksen. The half continued with a lot of battling in the midfield, but Partisan couldnt get the ball up the field to score. Then in the 35th minute, the unexpected happened: IFC left wing launched a high pass over the Partisan defensive line, which was well received by the IFC striker who was only stopped in the penalty box by the incoming rocket aka Guri, who brought the IFC striker down. The ref pointed to the spot, and Partisan was down 0-1. The half ended with the same result, and Partisan looking to find their form. Half Time: Partisan 0 - 1 IFC Half time subs were Schuchardt, Rokaas, and Janzer for Lemke, Kieran, and Sheppard. The second half began with a lot more energy, with Partisan moving the ball well. Fredricksen had a few good chances that began to warm up the Partisan offensive game. Then, finally the equalizer: 55th minute, Klopot takes a great run on the right wing and brings in a strong grounded cross to the feet of Lillard, who just redirected the ball from the 5 yard box. Partisan 1-1. Gaining in confidence, and IFC gaining in fatigue, Partisan turned on the pressure. 65th minute, newcomer Fredricksen flicked a greater header pass forward, and Lillard, runs on to the ball on the left of the box, outmuscling the defender, and firing a beautiful shot (yes Simunek, it was a shoot) passed the goalie that had no time to react. Partisan up 2-1. 67th minute, the last sub rotations happened with Klopot, Olubokun, and Patel. What followed were two more well placed goals by Fredricsen in the 70th and 75th minute, outdribbling the defense and placing the ball both times into the right corner. The two goals were like deja vu! Partisan was up 4-1, when Guri decided to have a cramp in his leg, forcing the powerful center back to leave the field. In the 82nd minute, it was Kierans time to shake off all the doubts and questions of people that asked does he still have what it takes? Kieran, with undying will and determination, ran down the middle, leaving three defenders behind, and beautifully placed the ball into the left corner. The score was Partisan 5-1. An unfortunate error at the end cost us a another goal, IFC launching another high pass, connecting with the striker, whose presence wasnt really acknowledged by anyone other than Simunek, who was powerless to save the shot. The game ended and Partisan recorded another victory. Final score 5-2 for Partisan. Partisan proved their worth today, fighting back from the unusual position of being down after the first half. PARTISAN FOREVER!