Radek Simunek
Sam Ross Keyur Patel Chris Johnson Jerry Lillard
Destine Aduwa Bart Burgmans Julien Vinhas Dammy Olubokun
Todd Benson Armand Guri


Scored goals:

  1. Todd Benson
  2. Armand Guri
  3. Bart Burgmans


After our hard fought win of our first match against the Super Eagles it was expected this match was going to be a tough one. Weather was much better and so was the pitch condition. (Not sure though if that was in our advantage) As soon as we kicked off the Nigerians showed they meant business. All of their players are strong on the ball and they had us chasing them around the pitch most of the time. Without actually creating big opportunities for themselves. Partisan kept on chasing the Nigerians for all they were worth and saw their efforts rewarded by a nice goal from Benson, for who this was kind of a payback, as the last time Partisan played this he was evilly challenged and wasnt able to play our beloved ball game for 4 weeks. He even got a bit of the keeper in the net. Unlike the previous match the Nigerians didnt give up after the first goal and kept pushing hard which resulted in a well-deserved equalizer just before half time. Half Time: Partisan 1 - 1 Nigerians FC Partisan came out with a different game plan. Instead of chasing the ball, Partisan kept their lines very close to each other forcing the Nigerians to pass the ball around - obviously not their strongest point. The new strategy paid off resulting in 2 quick goals for Guri (who had probably one of his best games for Partisan - not just because of the goals but tracking back and passing the ball, making him the valuable player we all know he can be). This broke the resistance and the team spirit of the Nigerians. Partisan took advantage of the disorganization, scoring another. Good pressure from Klopot resulted in Burgmans stealing the ball from their centre back in the Nigerians box and setting up Vinhas who coolly finished. The Nigerians got one back but that didnt turn the tide. Partisan kept cutting through the Nigerians defense as if there was none. Klopot passed the ball deep to Burgmans, who waited well for the pass on Partisan's own half, bypassing the offside trap. After controlling the ball as only a true football talented Dutch man can (with his behind), he went on to take on the Nigerian goalie. Sided by Vinhas and Schuchardt, the Dutch Man decided on a cool blooded lob over the Nigerians goalie, who froze at the sight of such perfection. Partisan's next goal was another beauty, Klopot intercepting and stylishly fully placing the ball over 30 meters or so into the net. The Nigerians started to play rougher which resulted in several free kicks for Partisan and a red card for the Nigerians - Lillard was fouled hard by the right full back who even kicked the ball into our left midfielder who was still lying on the ground. The left full back tried to make the referee believe Lillard made a Schwalbe (took a dive - Ed). Guri took the free kick and swung the ball in the box, Schuchardt towering high above everybody else perfectly headed the ball into the net. This made the final score 7-2. Another good win for Partisan. Special mention goes to our defense for keeping us in the game the first half, and to the entire team for the win. We have proven twice against this opponent that when playing as team it is possible to beat better/stronger players.