Radek Simunek
Gerd Lemke Keyur Patel Armand Guri Jerry Lillard
Adrian Kieran Bart Burgmans Stephan Schuchardt Vitaly Klopot
Chris Johnson Julien Vinhas


Scored goals:

  1. Chris Johnson
  2. Julien Vinhas
  3. Chris Johnson


Would be nice to claim this as revenge for the 4-0 pasting we took last time we played Accor, but it wasn't quite the case. Accor basically have two core sets of players - a very tight, skilful unit of north africans, who got the win against us, and a rather less organised mix of french and africans. By now it should be clear which lot showed up. Just. I say just because there were a couple of surprises before we'd even begun. First was the sight of one of Partisan's most faithful servants kitting up on the touchline, the long-lost Zhmako. I'd not seen him in 3 months. The prodigal son, returning to the fold. "Sergey!" I cried, already wondering where I could find a fattened cow to slaughter at such short notice, "what are you doing here?" "I'm playing for Accor" came the somewhat sheepish reply. Moving on swiftly, surprise number two came soon after. Having lined my troops up (rejigged formation with Guri at the back to nullify Accor's attacking threat, and Johnson and Vinhas dovetailing up front), and honourably starting myself on the bench, the ref noted that we were 10 minutes late kicking off and the opposition still had only 9 men. So it was that I, the gaffer, found myself pulling on a white shirt and lining up at right back for the enemy. And what a blessing it was for them, as Accor's 10 men valiantly repelled Partisan's early attacks; I even found time for a galloping run up the right wing, eventually snuffed out by Guri. Quite dizzying to see my tactics working for both sides at once. Anyway, 10 minutes into the game, two more Accors showed up, I trotted off for a breather, and the floodgates opened. First a poor goal kick was intercepted by Johnson who hoofed it straight into the empty net. A few minutes later the keeper was again caught off his line, and Vinhas chipped in from about 20 yards. Not long after that a high ball into the box was controlled by Vinhas who beat one defender, twisted and blasted in over the keeper's head and off the underside of the bar from the edge of the six-yard box. 3 goals in the space of about 10 minutes. Special mention also goes to Burgmans who was playing an absolute blinder in centre-mid, seemingly able to know where the ball is going before even the ball does, with countless intercepts and trademark crunching tackles never letting Accor get any space or time on the ball. One substitution midway through the half - myself back on for Johnson, with Kieran pushing up front and me taking the winger's berth. Olubokun and Sheppard were on the sidelines, but having rolled up 20 minutes after kick-off had to wait until half-time to get on. Partisan continued to pressure the disorganised Accor and Schuchardt was quickest to a loose ball in the box, blasting it confidently into the bottom left corner for his first Partisan goal. Half Time: Partisan 4 - 0 Accor Git Sheppard on for Schuchardt, Olubokun for Klopot, and Johnson on for Vinhas. We more or less carried on where we left off, Burgmans winning balls in the midfield, Sheppard a creative force feeding the two strikers, and Olubokun adding power and pace down the left wing. Fed by Sheppard, Johnson waltzed his way into the box and, flanked by defender and with goalkeeper rushing out, flicked the ball over the keeper with the outside of his foot. 5-0. Guri, frustrated at playing centre-back and having to watch someone else score goals for a change, bored by the non-materialisation of Accor's super strike-force, started coming forward more and beating players for fun; cut in from the left and shot past the keeper from a tight angle. Fifth consecutive match he's got his name on the scoresheet, equaling the record set by Partisan legend Orr back in 2003-2004. 6-0. By this time Accor's main man Bel was fed up with his goalkeeper and decided to don the gloves himself. Not a bad move as the former sticksman didn't do too bad outfield, and Bel pulled off a few good saves as well, tipping one sharp shot from yours truly just around the post. Around that time I was also fool enough to utter the words "clean sheet" and within minutes Accor had won a free kick just outside our box. One of Accor's better players, possibly the mysterious Guido who'd ghosted onto our training pitch a few times when he first arrived in Prague, stepped up and hit a perfect arc over the wall and into the top-right corner, leaving Simunek no chance. 6-1 That gave our opponents a bit of a lift, and an opportunistic 25-yard belter sailed over Simunek and just in under the bar; we conceded similarly against Inferno Praha back in August. 6-2 then. Last round of subs saw Vinhas back on for Kieran, Schuchardt for Lemke, and Klopot for Lillard. The fresh legs promptly ended the Accor fight back as Johnson and Vinhas combined delightfully, the former squaring for the latter to round off his hattrick with a simple tap-in.