Radek Simunek
Gerd Lemke Chris Johnson Colin Sablack Jerry Lillard
Doron Raviv Bart Burgmans Phil Alexander Endre Szabo Vitaly Klopot
Armand Guri


Scored goals:

  1. Armand Guri
  2. Armand Guri


Partisan looking to extend record seven-match winning streak. British XI confident after twice taking the lead against us last time out (we eventually beat them 3-2). Partisan opted again for a 4-4-1-1, Klopot sitting just in front of two holding midfielders - Burgmans and Alexander - with Guri doing his usual stuff up front. Warming the bench were the returning Kieran and Olubokun, as well as Partisan debutant Bugel, possibly our first Norwegian. A confident start by Partisan, playing the ball out from the back, keeping possession, using space on the wings well. Brit XI working hard but restricted to long-balls to try and get into our box. Early cross from Child on the right wing found noone ready to crash the 6-yard box yet; then Szabo on the lft went more direct with a good run in, for which he was scythed down at ankle level. Penalty to Partisan; limping Szabo turned it down, Guri wouldn't let Klopot near it. Penalty dispatched by Guri, 1-0. Credit to BXI, they came back at us, and not long after a penalty the other way as their Portugese midfielder charged into the box chasing a through ball; Simunek dived and got a hand to it but the player went over too; penalty awarded despite our protestations. Penalty struck hard to bottom right of goal, Simunek guessed correctly and got an outstretched hand to it, gathering up before anyone could get to the rebound. His second penalty save of the year, keeping our noses in front. Midway though the half Olubokun came on for Child, Bugel for Alexander, and Kieran for Guri. Olubokun almost made an instant impact, a burst of speed up the right checked by a cynical trip and a yellow card for the BXI defender; free-kick came to nothing unfortunately. Halftime: Partisan 1 0 British XI Half-time subs Child back on for Lemke; Alexander in for Burgmans; Guri for Szabo. Olubokun, switched to the left wing, continuing to cause problems with his pace, beat the left back and rounded the goalie to slot in from a very tight angle for 2-0. A fantastic diagonal cross-field pass from Kieran found Klopot racing into the box, but he sliced wide under pressure from one of the BXI defenders. Bugel was having a confident debut and set up Guri for the next goal with a through-ball. The keeper parried the first shot, but our hitman's momentum carried him to the ball first and he made no mistake with his second shot. 3-0. Icing on the cake was a rare strike (first goal this year) from Sablack, encroaching into the BXI half with the midfield and defence backing off from him. As he looked around for a pass half the Partisan squad screamed at him to take a shot, and with the surprised expression of a drunk coming out of a three-day bender to find he still has his clothes, wallet, limbs, girlfriend etc., he looked up and hit an arcing shot over the keeper and into the top half of the goal. 4-0 Partisan. There was time for one more round of subs, and a couple of injuries - Olubokun knocked out of his stride and painfully onto the bars along the side of the pitch; BXI's big central defender getting a knock to the head and losing his legs for a few minutes - but the final 15 was mostly a case of maintaining concentration and not giving anything away to make sure of the clean sheet. Job well done for Partisan.