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This was our first match for a long while without golden boots Orr. Would we score? Would we even get into their half of the field? Who could replace the great man? In the end big Mats got the nod ahead of, well... everyone else. Yes, and nod was what we hoped he give us in return ...not nod off, but nod the ball on for the in running Johan who would clean up. Neat solution to our striker shortage, eh? Oh. Other changes included two debut boys - ANOTHER Scot, Scott Clifford at right back, in for Eddie the Eagle Andress and Sergey Zhmako, the second Ukrainian to grace the Partisan team sheet, in for the last minute withdrawal of Lembo. Nice of Lembo to get word to us one hour before the game that he wouldnt be in the if by magic he woke up to find himself in the wrong country. The Daily Mirror, eh? Me being a Guardian reader, I fancied giving these lads a right good kicking (in a caring way of course!). Thats before I saw the size of them. How was I to know they would bring over Carsten Jancker, the one man Luftwaffe. Well almost. Thankfully they played that big oaf in a sort of midfield role. Thanks to the astroturf, the ball spent most of the half in the air anyway. Or miles behind the fence behind the goals. But that had nothing to do with the astroturf. And what an ugly game it was. Our first goal courtesy of an own goal. Not even a good own goal. The ball coming off the defenders back, a back that was almost parallel to the ground at the time. For the record Wein sent it rocketing up into the sky in the direction of their penalty area. So technically that counts as an assist. Not much to say about the rest of the game, except that one of their best players was Richard Holton, playing at right back. It was quite a stalemate after that first goal. However they obviously got tired towards the end and Clifford, in a more advanced role, sent in a few excellent crosses , both leading top goals. One landed at Karlsson and he danced the ball into the goal. The second causing an own goal, which Landgren jnr. claims touched his boot before crossing the line. The best thing about the whole exercise was that we kept our first clean sheet ever. Well, done Anton and the defence.