Radek Simunek
Doron Raviv Chris Johnson Dammy Olubokun Colin Sablack
Destine Aduwa Bart Burgmans Phil Alexander Julien Vinhas Adrian Kieran
Anders Rokaas


Scored goals:

  1. O.G.
  2. Julien Vinhas


Sterboholy saw Partisans first match in nearly a month. The squad looked solid, but with a slight twist from recent starting 11s. Our calm Swede took the lone striker role, the big Irishman on the left with Aduwa making his second Partisan appearance on the right. The match started slowly with both teams feeling each other out. Partisan went down 0-1 when the referee gave a cheap free kick just outside the area. Not the most beautiful effort, but it made its way into the net. Everyone on the Partisan side would agree that they werent playing their best football. Subs were rolled in and Guri took the post at striker, Lillard to left back, Sablack to right, and Child to left wing. At this point the Brits began to drop like flies. Two injuries to opponents forced Rokaas to fill in at left back for the enemy. The first half came to an end with few clear chances for either side. Partisan were playing hard, but struggled to string passes together and had little to show for their effort. 0-1. Burgmans took over at right back for the opposition at the beginning of the second half, which turned out to be quite positive for Partisan. Five minutes in Vinhas hit a long effort, which deflected off of Burgmans and found its way past the keeper. It could go down as an own goal, as the general consensus is that the shot was going wide, but can it be an own goal if a Partisan scores for Partisan? Partisan werent playing well at the back, giving the ball away while trying to beat men one-on-one and playing weak and inaccurate passes. One such instance resulted in a high ball that Johnson, Simunek, and the British striker all went up for. The ball took another high bounce up and over the goal line. 1-2. Partisan struck back quickly from a corner. A high header allowed Alexander to follow up with a calm one-time finish. 2-2. By this point, Aduwa had moved to right back for the Brits. Partisan finished off a solid comeback win with a nice long-range shot from Vinhas. He gathered the ball on the left, took two touches and both sides knew it was going in as soon as he hit it. The referee blew for time 10 minutes later. 3-2. Partisan didnt put in their best performance, but showed grit and determination, and considering we had to sacrifice our subs to aid the other team, we can take something away from it.