Radek Simunek
Till Janzer anonymous Dammy Olubokun Steve Hornback
Dan Finlay Chris Johnson Adrian Kieran Colin Sablack
Jerry Lillard Armand Guri


Scored goals:

  1. Jerry Lillard
  2. Armand Guri


A game with bitter rival Dynamo Zizkov is always a good test to see where Partisan stands. The game started off quickly with both teams looking to bag an easy goal via the English longball style. Zizkov were the first to calm down and really began enforce their will on the game. Partisan were panicking under pressure and giving the ball away much too easily. A breakdown in defensive communication led to Zizkov striking the first blow. 0-1. It seemed like we were slipping. Partisan collected themselves however, and won a penalty. Lillard's cross struck the elbow of a Zizkov player. Lillard quickly grabbed the ball and demanded to take the penalty. We were all a bit nevous given Partisan's history with penalties and Jerry's occasional tendency to just let rip one out of the park followed by screaching his own name. Lillard stepped up to keep his rep up however and calmly slotted the ball into the right corner. He then suggested only Germans should take penalties and the English should be refused any opportunites. At Halftime, we had the "MO" 1-1 For the second half we brought on a couple of subs. The new Albanian dude started off with Ostrowski in central defense. Olubokun was strategerically moved out to the right where he could slash at the Zizkov flanks. Both of these moves proved successful. Partisan controlled the second half. We played with patience and found the open man, but the last pass was still missing and we were too easily settling for high crosses. The midfield was working hard, Vinhas was having an excellent game. The tricky Frenchman played simply clever passes on the ground all day. Partisan had control but were still waiting for the gates to open. In about the 65th minute Finlay sent a superb cross in that Vinhas headed in. 2-1 Partisan kept the pressure on. Guri scored a killer third goal. He stole the ball along the endline, sliced through the Zizkov defense, crossed over one of the Zizkov defenders like "wudd" and fired the ball in with his left peg. Olubokun's hard work finally paid off when he scored the fourth goal.