Radek Simunek
Till Janzer Keyur Patel Craig Hurry Gerd Lemke
Josh Campbell Endre Szabo Phil Alexander Chris Johnson Jerry Lillard
Armand Guri


Scored goals:


The match report is short because we got beat and my memory is fading now Im getting closer to 30! What I do remember is that we never had a chance of winning after Captain, Big Phil Alexander, gave the doomed sentence, If we win this game we create a new record for unbeaten games. We should have gone home then! Partisan welcomed back the legend that is Till Janzer and the whippet that is Mark Matthews, who was still reeling from Svens departure from Man City. I think is very noble the way a United legend has gone to City to make sure they do decently before going to the Theatre of Dreams to take over from Big Alex! The game started off with Partisan doing a lot of chasing after the ball. Its not often this year that we have been outclassed but this was one of those weeks. Having said that we did cause them one or two problems with Guri earning a penalty and then, not surprisingly, missing it (Partisan curse!). They went up the other end of the pitch and their striker, who would go on to score three, coolly slotted the ball in the far corner. Partisan gave the ball away far too often. When they received the ball there was not a lot of movement because our legs were zapped from running after them!! A good chance fell to Guri after a beautiful cross in. Guri seemed to fairly challenge for the ball but the ref deemed it a foul. Unfortunately, Guri didnt take the decision well and demonstrated his frustration in the only way he knows how by challenging the keeper and their team to some fisty-cuffs. After the commotion had died down, Guri, took a breather on the sidelines. To be fair it wasnt a foul and their keeper was a bit of a clown, who was also being deliberately antagonistic. The second half was pretty much the same: we would get the ball, give it away and then spend ages chasing it back. Alexander did play a lovely ball to Johnson who couldnt quite lift it over the advancing keeper. And, as before, they went up the pitch and their dangerous striker scored his second. It was going to be a big task to pull a win out the bag. Partisan kept pressing with Child missing a decent chance and Campbell putting one over the bar. As Partisan pressed it left holes, which were exploited by a talented frontline who managed to net another two. What was disappointing was that the ref at the end of the game gave us a penalty out of what can only be called sympathy. Its embarrassing to think that we needed the refs help. But keeping in Partisan tradition, KP, stepped up and duly hit the ball over the bar. In reflection, we played some good stuff at times against the best team I have played this year. It is this kind of side you base how good you are and I would welcome many more games against them, as we didnt do ourselves justice and have a point to prove!