Radek Simunek
Josh Campbell Keyur Patel Armand Guri Gerd Lemke
Doron Raviv Bart Burgmans Colin Sablack Vitaly Klopot
Chris Johnson Adrian Kieran


Scored goals:

  1. Vitaly Klopot


Partisan work hard for 1:0 victory over English-based team. Suchdol pitch saw Partisan arrive an the uncharacteristic time of 09:00 due to a tournament to be played there later that day. It proved a blessing in disguise due to the prospective soaring temperatures later in the day. It was already well over 20 degrees. (Celsius) A well taken snap-shot from Klopot at the start of the second half saw the only goal of a tight game with chances coming few and far between. It was clear from the outset that the opposition, mostly Kiwis but hailing from England, were an organised outfit. They were seen to quickly set out their stall of man-to-man marking all over the park and forcing play out to their wingmen (cited as their strongest players). Dynamo's average age was clearly a few years over that of Partisan, who were again fielding a strong side by anybody's standards, albeit without the outstanding Moffat who has seen an end to his spell on loan with the club. The age difference would begin to become more of a factor as time wore on. (Ed's note: I've no idea what Dave's talking about, our squad featured 4 vets (34+) and 6 more guys of 28+; Dynamo had no more than 3 or 4 over-30s as far as I could tell...). The opening 30 minutes saw frequent attacks from Partisan down the left flank with Klopot and Johnson combining well. Partisan's youngest player (Klopot) was in fine form as he consistently beat his man with a stepover or drop of the shoulder to get balls across the box. Partisan were, in essence, in control. Guri was also making strong runs from central defense and came close to netting himself once or twice. On the 30 minute mark, Sheppard and Rokaas came on to replace Sablack (centre mid) and Johnson (up top) respectively. The heat was taking it's toll on the players as half time arrived, everyone needing to take on copious amounts of liquid. Child left the fray, replaced by Sablack, Swedish ringer 'Klingnas' came on for Lemke at the back, and Johnson came back in for Kieran up front. Some might call the changes instrumental, some, simply coincidental... Because around the 47th minute, Campbell stuck a ball into the box from the right, which eventually rebounded to Klopot on the left side of the box, who steadied himself to slot home the opener from 10 yards. 1:0. The visitors (on a footballing tour) played a typically English physical style of football. Which came as a welcome change to the more 'relaxed' style of Eastern European football Partisan have come up against in recent weeks. Which gave the referee some more to think about. However, didn't prevent him from employing the law to the letter. Unnecessarily so at times. Both teams had an almost equal share of possession at the start of the 2nd half and resulting attacks. Both keepers had their fair share of work to do ball-handling wise. However the Dynamo number 1 had more shots to take care of - a testament to Partisan pushing on for another goal. With 20 minutes to go Lemke came back in for Campbell at fullback and Kieran joined Sheppard again in the centre for Burgmans. We were winning frequent corner kicks, which unfortunately failed to find Partisan heads and the referee was also adjudging some decent runs from Johnson as being offside. He did spurn a good chance late-on but ultimately, it wasn't of consequence. The game continued at a swift pace, despite the heat. Partisan remained disciplined until the final whistle and have every right to feel that they could have taken victory by a wider margin than the solitary goal. That said, it was another convincing performance from an in-form side who are beginning to play some good quality football. Consistently. Long may it continue.