Radek Simunek
Doron Raviv Keyur Patel Corey Moffat Phil Alexander
Sampo Kemila Bart Burgmans Dave Sheppard Vitaly Klopot
Sergey Zhmako Armand Guri


Scored goals:

  1. Vitaly Klopot
  2. Chris Johnson
  3. Chris Johnson


It was another early kick off for Partisan which resulted in 3 or 4 players heading straight to the pitch. Nevertheless Partisan had a big squad out and their fan base increased 100% in just one week as there were now 2 people watching! The opposition were a group of Balkan students who were ready to show off their skills on the big boys pitch. On to the kick off with Partisan controlling comfortably from the back yet failing to really penetrate the Inferno defence. Good movement by Zhmako down the left hand side resulted in a corner which was taken by Klopot. Not a good ball in, but the keeper made a big mess of it parrying it straight into his own net off his face. 1-0 Partisan. The second came from some good work down the right hand side where Kemila was constantly terrorizing the opposition and putting dangerous crosses in. One of these was cleared by a defender and kindly fell to Klopot, whose shot was slightly deflected off that same defender into the bottom right hand corner. 2-0. Partisan then made some changes and on came the latecomers. Full credit goes to the central defence pairing of Patel and Moffat who dealt calmly with any dangerous balls. Half time 2 - 0. On to the second half where Partisan came off the blocks even quicker than the first half. The midfielders started seeing a lot more of the ball and spreading the play nicely to the front men. Unfortunately though our persistence didnt pay off and a shock shot from the oppositions best player about 20 yards out went straight into the roof of the net. Rightly so, Simunek was angry as the midfielder wasnt closed down quickly enough. 2-1. Kemila continued to cause havoc down the right hand side and another cross was met exquisitely by Johnson who volley chipped the keeper into the back of the net. Great finish. 3-1. With it being Moffats last game for Partisan, this is where we should say thanks to the big guy who has been a true professional, great guy and a credit to the team with his consistent performances. We wish you all the best in the future. Around 60 minutes into the game good work through the centre with Burgmans and Johnson saw DaLanca put through one on one with the keeper who quickly saw a great opportunity to take somebodys legs out, which is exactly what he did. Moffat with the penalty, calmly slotting hard into the bottom left hand corner. 4-1 and Sablack shouting: I TOLD YOU ONLY AMERICANS KNOW HOW TO TAKE PENALTIES!. The opposition replied with an almost identical goal to their first, the same guy rifling a shot into the bottom left hand corner after sloppy shape from Partisan. Simunek might have felt he couldve done more. 4-2. From then on it was all Partisan. The fatigue started to show on the opposition and Partisan were pressing on. A low cross from the right hand side was met nicely by Johnson who bagged his second of the game to make it 5-2. Then it was the turn of our lean mean Albanian scoring machine who has been a little rusty of late. Guri first picked up the ball on the left hand side, went past 2 defenders and curled a left footed shot into the far side of the net, goal of the game for sure 6-2. Then a long shot was blocked by the keeper who was miles off his line, the ball kindly bounced to Guri who finished superbly with a low driven shot into the bottom right corner. 7-2. To complete his hat-trick, Guri got onto another rebound bundled by the keeper and tapped the ball in from a yard out. As they say: you still have to be there!. The last goal was created by great work in the middle of the pitch which sliced open the opposition, 2 strikers against one tired keeper. A low ball was played to Guri who strayed offside, but the ref didnt spot it. 9-2. Four goals in about 20 minutes for the Albanian, a return worthy of the great Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Well played everyone Pivo time!