Radek Simunek
Doron Raviv Armand Guri Corey Moffat Phil Alexander
Dave Sheppard Bart Burgmans Adrian Kieran Vitaly Klopot
Sergey Zhmako Sampo Kemila


Scored goals:

  1. Sergey Zhmako
  2. Adrian Kieran
  3. Vitaly Klopot


10am Saturday morning on a wet but perfectly playable Suchdol pitch Partisan Prague & French rivals Accor Git took positions on their respective sides to take part in a match of 8 goals and what was described by one Partisan substitute as the best team hes seen Partisan field which he later followed with Everybody can actually play football! On with the match: Within 2 mins of the first half a sleepy looking Accor Git were awakened by crisp Partisan play & a cannon of a shot. A nice pass played into the right side of the Accor Gits box where Zhmako ran onto it with a crisp first touch to line it up for a tightly-angled bullet-volley into the roof of the net, 1-0 Partisan. Partisan continued pressuring offensively while maintaining general possession and control across the field with comfortable defensive play from all four across the back for Partisan. Dealing with any of Accors long balls up front with a series of solid reply headers by Moffat and where needed measured control & play to Child or Alexander by Guri. 2 changes made within the 1st half saw Finlay replace Child at right-back and Campbell replaced Klopot who joined his Azerbaijani Partisan fan club on the bench. With continued attacking persistence, within the 30th minute from the left side of the field Partisan crossed the ball into the crowded Accor box where after a series of tightly scuffled defensive play the ball popped out for Burgmans to land an overhead pass back into the box where Zhmako followed with his own overhead shot toeing & lobbing the outstretched dive of the Accor keeper, 2-0 Partisan, who were looking solid defensively & confident offensively and now celebrating what could be a good contender for goal of the season. As the 1st 45 minutes were drawing to an end, an Accor midfielder with the ball at his feet moving down the middle saw little option for a pass and took the only other alternative for a distance shot from 25 meters out, flying in low on the wet surface towards the Partisan goal, a fully-flung Simunek just managed to get finger tips to it but to no avail as it skipped into the far left corner of the net, 2-1 Partisan and the Accor midfielder stunned that the gamble shot paid off. Simunek on the other hand chastised himself for the rest of the half for not getting more of it. Half-time whistle & a few changes seeing Child & Klopot back on the field, Kemila off with Sheppard. Finlay pushed up front & Kieran slid back to midfield. The second half kicked off with 21 players on the field. The ref obviously had a hot lunch waiting at home and had failed to confirm if both goal-keepers were on the field. Simunek was rightly between the Partisan sticks whereas Accor Gits keeper had obviously foreseen what was ahead of him for the next 45 minutes and had decided to extend his half-time break entering the field 3 minutes later. Again, Partisan were out of the gates early with energy and speed taking possession of the 2nd half inline with good holding midfield/defensive play by Burgmans, Alexander & Campbell. With a Partisan play breaking from just over the half-way line a well paced through-ball that Kieran took on stride, outpacing the last Accor defender and striding to a top-class small-chip shot over the outrushing keeper, 3-1 Partisan and again keeping solid attacking possession. A dozing Accor defense saw Finlay & Campbell take advantage of a short corner where Campbell put a low hard cross right across the face of the goal through the crowd which was comfortably touched into the net by Keiran from roughly a foot out, 4-1 Partisan. Burgmans suffered a knee injury and was replaced by Sheppard. A few minutes later the final changes were made by Partisan, Zhmako coming off for Kemila up front & Finlay swapping positions with Kieran. Movement down both sides of the field by Partisan saw a cross by Finlay from the right into the Accor Git 6-yard box where Klopot powered over his defender for a solid header into the net, 5-1 Partisan & looking every bit the certain victor. With Partisan sitting on a comfortable lead, Accor Git pressed offensively repositioning defenders as floating attackers catching Partisan off-guard. After a surge of play down the right side of the Partisan half by Accor Git and a flurry of free-kicks & corners (including a Guri patent act of aggression) a shot was produced from just outside the box, deflected off Moffats defending foot and into the top left hand corner of the Partisan net, 5-2 Partisan. Partisan re-grouped and pushed on until with a flash of orange brilliance, Finlay controlled the ball past 2 defenders and planted a shot which deflected off the Accor Git keeper for a follow-up finish by Kemila, 6-2 Partisan and the sealed approval of a job well done signified by the refs whistle to end the match. Hand shakes all-around with beers & cheers to follow!