Radek Simunek
Scott Clifford Keyur Patel Corey Moffat Jerry Lillard
Doron Raviv Colin Sablack Dave Sheppard Vitaly Klopot
Sergey Zhmako Chris Johnson


Scored goals:

  1. Dave Sheppard
  2. Vitaly Klopot


Partisan took the field on Saturday May 3rd to face off against James Fell Stag XI who, coming off two hours of sleep, presented themselves in surprisingly good shape. Played on one of the intimidatingly large grass fields of the equally intimidating Strahov Stadium, the game was also affected by brief showers that came and went throughout the course of the game. Johnson and Zhmako were deployed up front with Child and Klopot manning the wings. Sablack and Sheppard controlled the center of the park and did an excellent job of distributing the ball throughout the game. In the back Moffat and Patel were paired in the center with Lillard and Clifford on the sides. Simunek took up his usual position between the sticks. Partisan started the game strongly, immediately putting pressure on the husband-to-bes goal. These chances paid early rewards and Sheppard was the first to get on the scoreboard with a nice lob over the goalie. The second goal came soon afterwards, as Zhmako was able to rise above the defenders and head home a Johnson corner. Partisans scoring spree was capped off with another nice move that saw Child get to the end line before drawing the ball back across the opponents box for Klopot to rifle it into the back of the net. Subs were brought on half way through the half with Finlay and Hornback coming on to replace Clifford and Child. Clifford had pulled a calf muscle so it marked an early end to his first Partisan appearance of the year. On pitch the chances continued to come following the subs with a Finlay chip and a Sablack shot/cross free kick those coming to mind. However, the half came to an end on a sour note as the opposition captain was forced to leave with a possible dislocated knee. At the half 3-0. Child back on for Zhmako. Klopot moved up top. The second half began a little less enthusiastically then the first with the Stag guys no doubt already thinking about getting to the pub. Before doing so, however, they were able to get a good goal when their quick forward got behind the Partisan back line and slipped the ball past Simunek. That was to be the extent of their comeback though, as Partisan were able to regain the majority of possession and disallow any further chances. Zhamko was brought back on mid way through the second half to replace Lillard, who had seemingly run for the entire game. The game was then interrupted for ten minutes as hail caused the players to take cover. Following this little break the players retook the field, but again with a little intensity missing. Johnson saw a fierce free kick come off the cross bar and Child curled a careful shot just over. Though Partisan retained the ball well and kept good possession in the opposing half they seemed to fail in the final pass that could have led to a padding of their lead. The game ended with a final score of 3-1, a solid win over a good-natured opponent.