Radek Simunek
Gerd Lemke anonymous Colin Sablack Vitaly Klopot
Andy DelMastro Bart Burgmans Dave Sheppard Endre Szabo
Todd Benson Adrian Kieran


Scored goals:

  1. Endre Szabo


In the third and final group round DHL beat Newcastle although I can't remember the score. So our third game, by now we're down and out, and facing tournament favourites Dynamo Zizkov. Child started this one on the bench, Del Mastro taking the right wing berth. First 15 minutes it was back and forth, special credit goes to the defence for keeping out Zizkov's very fast number 8. On 15, Burgmans took a breather, Child came on at right wing, Sablack pushed up to center-mid and Del Mastro slotted in at centre-back. Soon after the breakthrough came. In a crowd just outside the Zizkov box a chest-high pass to Endre who took a touch and half-volleyed it into the top right corner. Classy finish, 1-0. Another attack saw Sheppard square the ball to me about 12 yards out and I blasted it straight through a Zizkov defender's legs into the net. 2-0, where was this coming from? Partisan's tournament hoodoo over Zizkov was in effect again. Naturally they pushed up trying to get back into it and Ostrowski in particular had a busy time trying to keep them in check without getting himself carded. A goal did come for Zizkov with a counter-attack that their number 8 chipped over Simunek into the top of the net; we held out however, for the 2-1 win. Sweet.