Radek Simunek
Keyur Patel anonymous Corey Moffat Jerry Lillard
Doron Raviv Bart Burgmans Phil Alexander Vitaly Klopot
Todd Benson Chris Johnson


Scored goals:

  1. Phil Alexander
  2. Todd Benson


Partisan set a record sixth consecutive victory with a hardworking 3-0 victory against NUSS FC, a university team from Newcastle. Alexander continued in his role as captain, paired up in centre mid with Burgmans who was making his 50th appearance for the club; Moffat and Ostrowski centre-back, Johnson and Benson up front. We were playing in the giant Strahov stadium for the first time in a while; the pitches there are about 10% bigger than most everywhere else, and as we watched the squad of 18 or so Newcastle students loping around the massive pitch and looked around at all the over 30s in our squad, there was a definite sense we were gong to be run into the ground. The first 20 minutes or so did nothing to dispel that. The young Northerners dominated and Partisan looked sluggish and a bit out of sorts. There was a decent half-chance as Child's cross found Benson who chested down only to shoot tamely at the Newcastle keeper. Benson continued to run tirelessly yet to no avail as the Northerners stopped all balls through. Subs were rolled halfway through the half; Partisan debutant DaLanca on for Child, Rokaas on for Benson. This pairing made an immediate impact with Rokaas having some good runs up front with Johnson aiding and DaLanca proving to be a cool new addition to the Partisan squad. In the dying minutes of the 1st half Partisan caught a break as Alexander was fed a spinning ball from Lillard, controlled it and sent a 20 yard looping header over the hapless keeper. 1-0 Partisan. Half time 1-0. Burgmans and Lillard off; Child and Benson back on. In the second half Partisan started much stronger, the combination of DaLanca, Rokaas, Johnson and Benson was proving torturous for the young Newcastle defence and the Partisan back 4 were solidly protecting the dangerous Newcastle counter attacks. Finally in the 53rd minute Benson's running was rewarded after a lovely ball through from Rokaas, at the urgings of his teammates he took his shot first time with his left, 2-0 Partisan. Just a few minutes later (62) Benson was on target again this time with a long clearance from Ostrowski and one on one with the keeper Benson went in headfirst and the goalie choked, 3-0 Partisan. Benson off, Burgmans on. Partisan continued to press and Rokaas was unlucky to not make it 4-0. The Partisan defence was solid and tirelessly defended Simunek's goal who made a couple of important saves. Late in the match Benson (back on for Johnson) was unlucky not to make it a hattrick after he cleverly tried to curl in a pass from Lillard which ricocheted of the post and was cleared by their defender, and then Simunek saved a free kick which seemed destined to go in yet was cleared with all of Partisan back to defend. The whistle blew and final score was 3-0. A great Partisan result, history was made with 6 wins in a row, and the beer was delicious.