Anton Polishchuk
Jon Lemelman Gerry Keaty Joe Clarke Adam Wein
Mats Landgren Josh Campbell Mark Andress Honza Horak
Simon Orr Johan Karlsson


Scored goals:

  1. Simon Orr
  2. Simon Orr


A rolling pitch in the rolling hills of Zercice, beset by gale force winds. And our toughest opposition since IFC. But 3 wins in the last 3 aint bad boys - 20 goals for, 4 goals against in the last 3. The poisoned chalice of goalkeeper went to debut boy Anton Polishchuk, the first Ukranian to grace the team, and another first-timer Fabio Lembo brought a bit of Argentinian flare to ....well, the referees role. About 276,000 team changes since the last game as usual completely new defensive back 5 unit just for starters After 8 minutes, right-back Lemelman harrassed into a poor back pass, collected by TJ Zercice striker, rounded keeper and drilled home very efficiently. 1-0 Zercice. That was an unfortunate piece of play as we seemed to be holding them up to that point if not exactly worrying them too much. They had one midfielder (who turned out later to be the owner of the local pub/barman) who needed to cut down on his mums food a bit, but was certainly orchestrating all their moves from the centre circle. On 18 minutes a fortuitous freak goal levelled matters when Orr charged up the left wing and put in a speculative cross/shot that somehow with the help of a gust of wind, blew in over the TJZ keepers' head (keeper later substituted). Recorded as an Orr goal, not that he knew much about it. Now if one of us had tried that, it would have ended up in the next village. 1-1. 30 minutes: Match organiser and our right-winger (!) Horak, wearing his new white boots, earns first of two penalties, as he breaks into the box and is felled by a TJZ defender. Orr scores from the spot kick. 2-1. Hasnt he scored enough already, that he has to take the penos as well!? Half time, PP could consider themselves fortunate to go in a goal up as TJZ probably had more possession, but couldn't put away chances. They must have had at least 6 shots which went wide from the edge of the penalty area. And on another occasion after about 15 minutes a wicked cross from the left was met by the in-running Wein who scorched it only inches over the bar (it could have gone anywhere he admitted later). The happy first- half scoreline was partly due to Clarke and Keaty after a solid, if not friction-free, performance in central defence. And not forgetting the subtle but match-winning work done by Andress in midfield mopping up their attacks, aided by the willing Campbell. Second half Harris, Fabio and Berger on for Landgren, Campbell and Wein. Child on for Lemelman on 55 minutes. Unfortunately, it was one of those games where we had a lot of subs. And everyone has to get a chance. Ill own up that the subbing caused too much confusion second half and we might have been bigger winners only for it. 59 minutes, Horak earns another penalty by seemingly dropping dead when challenged. Orr does the business again. PP 3 - TJZ 1. A home town ref obviously trying to wrong some injustice towards Horak in the sandpit when they were schoolboys, decided that the only way was to give a peno everytime Horaks ass touched grass. 64 minutes: TJZ get a free kick just outside the box, whipped in towards left post where TJZ #13 stands unmarked, glances in a free header. What the hell was going on there boys!? PP 3 - TJZ 2. 70 minutes: TJZ awarded a dubious penalty after attacker fells Keaty in his own box and then appears to trip over Keaty's prone ankle. [The leg did try to make contact with some part of his knee Ill admit. Sorry about that lads! I was aiming for the balls. GK]. TJZ striker does the honourable thing and punts a weak strike at Polishchuk. 72 minutes, Child narrowly misses out on goal of the day when he connects first time with a deep Orr cross and sends a powerful volley just over the bar.78 minutes: Orr wraps up the points with another goal as Landgren, from centre back, splits the opposition defence with the best pass of the game. Orr only left with the simplest of tasks to round the keeper. 80 minutes: Child has the ball in the net after a one-two with Horak, but strike is justly ruled out for offside. 83 minutes: Sprint from Child chasing a long ball from midfield, beats defender to it by half a foot, turns him on the inside and puts Horak through on the edge of the box, who unfortunately holds it too long and the threat snuffed out.