Radek Simunek
Steve Hornback Keyur Patel Corey Moffat Vitaly Klopot
Colin Sablack Adrian Kieran Phil Alexander Dave Sheppard Jerry Lillard
Armand Guri


Scored goals:

  1. Armand Guri
  2. Vitaly Klopot


So, with the two main men out, Child trying to prove that he can run longer than any of us at the half marathon, and Johnson with a knee injury, Alexander took charge. The game began a bit slow for Partisan, trying to find the form and motivation of the last 3 games. Alexander, our fearless leader, came off early with an injury, and was replaced by Finlay. Accenture put the pressure on first, not allowing Partisan any decent chances for the first 20 minutes. The ball kind of stuck around in midfield, not really going anywhere near the goal. This is the point and time where I am compelled to praise the never tiring Partisan defense. They bought us the time we needed to find our form. Finally in the 24th min, free kick for Partisan 2 meters outside the penalty box. Klopot kicks-lobs the ball into the box, where Guri redirects the oncoming ball into the right side of the goal, past the already left corner-bound keeper. 1-0 Partisan. It took another 15 min of lots of running, little passing, and next to no winning headers in the midfield before finally the second goal fell. Finlay, on a cross/shot, surprised everyone from the far right corner of the penalty box and placed the ball in the bottom left of the goal. 2-0 Partisan. At half time Hornback came off for Benson. The second half was a lot better than its predecessor. Partisan began to pass again, and the one two touch seemed to become the favorite way to move the ball forward. Finley and Sablack did some great passing on the right wing, creating several chances for Partisan. Accenture didn't really have much of a chance in the second half, only had a hand full of half runs towards the goal of Simunek, who handled everything that came at him, even myself (Lillard) being placed on left back later in the game. In the 60th min, Alexander was fit again, and Lillard came off for the mended captain. At 65 minutes, Hornback came back into play for Finlay. At 70 min, Partisan's hard work was rewarded with an incredible corner kick goal by Klopot, who bent the ball into the far right of the goal. He was trying to make up for the open shot he missed from 5 meters out, which he sent to out of the park. Home Run! 3-0 Partisan. At 75 min, Lillard came back on for Sheppard. The only other incident of note was a very rare yellow card, for Patel; clearly hungover and off the pace he completely mis-timed one tackle, missed the ball completely, and took the player out. The rest of the game, Partisan kept the pressure on, while Accenture tried to get one consolation goal, which they never got. Another shut out/clean sheet for Simunek (without injuries), a job well done by Captain Alexander, who instituted rolling subs, and the 4th consecutive win for Partisan. Go Partisan!