Radek Simunek
Steve Hornback anonymous Jerry Lillard Endre Szabo
Colin Sablack Adrian Kieran Phil Alexander Vitaly Klopot Sampo Kemila
Chris Johnson


Scored goals:

  1. Chris Johnson
  2. Adrian Kieran
  3. Sampo Kemila


This was an excellent all-round display albeit against limited opposition. It took place on a lovely sunny day. The result was never in doubt especially after a strong start. In the first half Johnson started on his own up front. He was a real handful for the opposition's defence to deal with, scoring two goals in the first half hour. Kieran added a third to make it 3-0 at the break. A special mention must be made of a really strong defensive display. Hornback, Ostrowski, Szabo and Alexander all excelled at the back. Simunek got injured early on but gritted his teeth and battled on. With only one sub we were rolling the subs hockey style, with several of the lads getting a breather throughout the game or limping off with injuries. This time, however, it wasn't just Partisan that suffered - Ostrowski went for a high ball at the same time as one of the Medics' forwards; Ostrowski walked off, the Medic was poleaxed. Simunek also came off best in a race for a 50:50 ball with one of the Medics' wingers. There were two goals scored by Johnson, Kieran and Lillard. Johnson and Klopot both made top-class assists for Kieran's goals. Alexander, Kemila and Ostrowski got a goal each. Kemila could have had a second but tried to chip the keeper when we won a penalty, and saw the kick easily saved. Not that it really mattered as we were six or seven up at that point.