Radek Simunek
Doron Raviv Adrian Kieran anonymous Jerry Lillard
Colin Sablack Chris Johnson Phil Alexander Vitaly Klopot
Todd Benson Sampo Kemila


Scored goals:

  1. Vitaly Klopot


This was the first typical winter morning that we played football in for a while. The temperature was reportedly -1C but that was not what deterred the hardcore Partisans, I think that the fact that 70% played in their boxers was the main reason (Editor's note - let down by Lemke, hungover, who failed to show up on time with the kit; and a miserable bastard of a ref who wouldn't wait 10 minutes for him to arrive). As the game kicked off, DHL could not stop staring which is why we controlled the first 15 minutes. We kept the ball on the ground, using the wings to our advantage having realised DHL were sharp on the offside trap. Benson had a chance after the keeper came out, but unluckily stumbled and miskicked the shot. While we were pressuring, we were getting caught out easily by the fast Peruvian winger. Against the run of play, DHL went in front. A through ball right down the middle reached the right winger who put it away. 1-0 DHL. The game was even and suddenly we got a motivational boost by the arrival of the all famous all blue kit. Some good play down the left meant Lillard had a throw-in which was headed away by a defender, landed on Klopots thigh who instinctively hit it into the top right corner. Partisan are back level! The lead didnt last for long. DHL were having joy through the left and middle and after Kieran was sucked out of position, ex-Partisan Finlay slotted a good ball to the bottom left corner across the face of goal which left Simunek stranded. 2-1. We were losing possession, losing 50-50s and losing the match Half time could not come quick enough. A change of personnel and positions by Johnson, meant Klopot and Kemila were upfront, Hornback came on at left back and Lillard moved up to left wing. I will have to be honest here, our shape from then on was nothing short of pitiful. Our passing was off target, our movement was inconsistent and it showed. Luckily, the defence (Alexander) was on top form and kept it respectable. Following a DHL offside, Ostrowski looked for a long ball to Klopots head who knocked it on to Kemila, and only after an intimate close moment with their keeper, calmly rolled the ball into the back of the net. 2-2! After that goal, even Partisan were surprised and started to look very nervous all over the pitch. DHL had a lot of chances to go in front and inevitably they did. Good work by their forwards provided a good cross and their big forward sent a looping header back across goal into the top left corner. 3-2 DHL. From then on, to be fair, we had some good chances, started to play a bit better with Sablack having a shot deflected onto the post from long range. Unfortunetly the pressure did not produce goals and the match finished at 3-2.