Radek Simunek
Craig Hurry Armand Guri Adrian Kieran Jerry Lillard
Colin Sablack Vitaly Klopot Bart Burgmans Jaime Martinez
Chris Johnson Sampo Kemila


Scored goals:

  1. Chris Johnson
  2. Adrian Kieran


I wanted to show the difficulty of picking this team, so I asked each of the players where they would like to play. We would have only had one defender (Hurry) and a huge amount of central midfielders and forwards. By doing this, I hoped to show the lads that we would not be playing in the positions we would like because it would be ludicrous. I think the point was taken as no-one moaned when the team was announced. We conceded our earliest goal ever when Lillard upended their player in the box. There could be no real complaints about the spot kick, which was duly scored. 'It is better to concede early than late on', as a very wise philosopher once said. This being stated, Partisan started to find their form. Their play at times was breath-taking as the ball was being pinged about the park. Klopot had a one-on-one effort saved by their outstanding goalkeeper. Slowly but surely you could feel a Partisan equaliser coming; Kemila gave a nice a ball to Johnson who sliced into the net, via the post. From then on Partisan dominated and went 2-1 to the good after some good work down the left-hand side, resulting in a free header by Sablack, who was lucky to score as it appeared that he closed his eyes! Just as it looked like Partisan might pull away we suffered from our custom lack of concentration, as one of their midfielders had time to hit a long shot, which went in after a despairing lunge from Simunek. The Partisan heads did not go down and the football kept on coming. Partisan's third came after Kemila was fouled and 'big' Kieran took a quick free kick, slotting it coolly into the bottom left-hand corner. Johnson made three substitutions at half time: Rokaas for Martinez, Sadowski for Lillard and Hornback for Hurry. The second half started much the same as the first finished with Partisan dominating in every area of the pitch. Johnson had a break down the right, squaring the ball to Kempo who put it wide after a good tackle by their defender. Johnson picked the ball up just inside his half and weaved in and out of the three defenders, hitting a tame shot at the keeper. I can't really note a clear effort they had in the second half and I would put that down to an excellent performance rather than an inferior opposition. Partisan's fourth came from Kemila and sealed the match. Johnson then took himself off, Kemila and the outstanding Klopot with 20 minutes to go to give the lads who had come off at half time a run. Nothing much to report after this. I would like to reemphasise that this was a great performance and an enjoyable match because we did not moan at one another and kept it positive. I may be bold to say but I think people will look forward to the next one?!