Anton Polishchuk
Shane Crean Armand Guri Scott Clifford Craig Hurry
Doron Raviv Bart Burgmans Chris Johnson Jaime Martinez
Todd Benson Sergey Zhmako


Scored goals:


Partizan were celebrating their 100th game and were looking to keep their unbeaten stretch intact, but King Sturge had other plans in mind. The game started brightly for Partisan who came close in the opening minutes. The first half was all Partisan as the defence held solid and a couple of chances almost fell their way. Benson had a good chance but shot wide, followed by a great cross from Child only to see Benson's header go flying over the bar (a taste of things to come). Martinez had the best chance, hitting the post in the dying minutes of the first half. First half 0-0 A couple of changes were made for Partisan in the second half and they continued as the first had begun, although the Sturge were starting to play better. Add this to the fact that the referee, realising that it was actually Revolution Day, decided to call every foul of signifigance against Partisan. Poor calls and a swung punch by a spiderly little local peasant who thinks he is in real estate made the game deteriorate. Truth is Partisan should have killed this game off. Benson up front on his debut managed to miss 3 clear chances adding to the team's overall frustration. Then as the 0-0 draw seemed inevitable, the silver haired fellow made Polishchuk eat his own words "drz hubu" when he rounded our keeper to score seconds after they had exchanged heated words, typical! The final score was 0-1 and the team will feel poorly done by. At least the Czechs won that night in their Euro Match, a damn shame that the Scotts did not.