Andreas Colantoni
Sylvain Chalieux Skile Terzimehic Martin Landgren Till Janzer
Marius Dragomir Lorentzon Steve Sillett Gerry Keaty
Johan Karlsson Jarda Berger


Scored goals:

  1. Johan Karlsson


A beautifully sunny spring day at Cechie Karlin's astroturf ground and the Partisan's first ever game. However we were not the perfectly organised team that we should have been. A low turnout at the Thursday practice game meant that we were depending on Friday's emails to get through - even though some people who didn't turn up knew about the game for at least 3 weeks in advance. On top of that Andress and Landgren junior picked up knocks on Thursday night and weren't fit to play. And the mood wasn't helped by waiting for Chalieux at the appointed meeting point for 30 minutes more than we expected, only to find him already at the ground, warmed up and chilling out. He had gone straight to the location without telling us! In the end we were lucky to put out a team at all. The Swedish mafia brought along a keeper and midfielder to make up the team. In the end the two teams were fairly evenly matched, the main difference being that most, if not all, of their team were under 25 years old and looked like they had played football seriously in the past. The pitch was big and both sides couldn't get a proper strategy going, because there were acres of space on the wings and in the corners that were never fully exploited. Partisan settled into a pattern early on - Jakob soaking up kickouts and the rest of us fanning out to receive a pass. Even though they promised to strech us through the middle with diaganol runs from their ace left wing, we managed to suffocate their efforts before any clear shots were attampted. About mid-way through the first half, though, we got our first shot on target, Keaty hitting the post from 25 yards. Another couple of woodworks saved the Medics from long range Partisan efforts. But around 35 mins, the deadlock was broken. Karlsson tapped the ball in for a scrappy goal, after a corner from Berger caused confusion. The Partisan's first ever goal!! The lead didn't last long. 5 minutes before half time, they broke away again though the middle, fed their striker on the right edge of the penalty box, he advanced and slid the ball into the left corner past the outstretched goalie. Half-time 1-1. That goal obviously gave them confidence to do more of the same, and their left wing turned up the heat - dummies, nutmegs, dribbling. He caused permanent panic and red faces in the Partisan's midfield. None of his moves materialised into goals, but the nervousness set in, and our goalie made a few important saves, one of them almost breathtaking. We had our chances too, but the game was mainly palyed in midfield. Neither team seemed to have a player to make the killer pass. Jakob hit the woodwork again from a free, and Dragomir was unlucky not to get a penalty when he was assaulted by an opposing defender. Despite solid defending from the central defenders, Skile and Landgren, one of their forwards started to drop deep and get into better positions. A mix up between Jakob and Keaty inside our own half led to Sillett trying to dance his way out of trouble. Inevitably they stole the ball and moved quickly into the box. A shot into the left corner again made it 1-2. The goalie certainly made his feelings known. Can't say anyone was really happy. The game wasn't over, as Berger got a beautiful through ball that beat the offside, only for him to meekly shoot at the goalkeeper. 5 minutes left and confusion on our right allowed them to get a cross in. Even though there were two of them and four of us they still scored, the striker with back to goal to delicately touch on the incoming cross to the net. 3-1. And based on their more decisiveness and direct running, you'd have to say it was a fair result.