Debut: vs. Medics Utd (15.03.03) Lost 1-3
Born: 25/4/1968
Country: Germany
Nickname: Maradona of the Black Forest
Playing position: Right back
Football CV:
Childhood hero:
Football team:
What others say about him: In a close situation will almost always come away with the ball, despite his size. And he will always sniff out a goal or two. Weakness - can argue about anything with Canek (cf. Player Profiles: David Čanek) (last updated Dec 2003) Despite his size and his late introduction to big field football, Till has been one of the most improved players in the history of the sport. If only he had started 20 years before. Has definitely bulked up since we started the club and he's as fast as anyone over 10 metres. Our very own Roberto Carlos. Has been great at simply being a defender. Gets bumped around a lot due to his size but never heard him complain. Waiting for his first goal, but that's his weakness - passing or shooting (updated May 2006)