It wasn't terrible - for the second season in a row we finished 4th in the Prague League, so we're consistent in that sense. But a mid-season slump cost us in a division that wasn't quite as strong as it had been the previous year. Last season we drew a lot of games we should have won; this time we were either great or terrible, with very little inbetween. As is our wont, we were our own worst enemies on occasion, self-destructing in matches instead of pulling together and rescuing a point here and there. From a broader perspective, the refereeing has generally been a bit more even this season, and most of the Czech teams seem to have accepted that there are a bunch of foreigners playing in their league, although animosity has periodically resurfaced, and some of the ongoing problems remain, such as the local habit of elbowing and kicking whenever the ref isn't looking, and then diving on the floor screaming like girls whenever they're on the receiving end of any physical challenge. Plus there's the possibility of many of our opponents to draft in players from their A and B teams playing in higher divisions - a possibility that we obviously don't have.

It was probably inevitable, but it still caught us somehow by surprise: after the high of being champions by a mile last season, our Expat League performance could only get worse. And it did. With two matches to go we sit in 4th place, and only 6 points from those two games and some favourable results in other matches will do anything to improve that. New boys Bankovni balet are all but confirmed as champions and, like ourselves the previous season, have raised the bar (albeit with handy access to some Prague League ringers). The other two teams in the frame are Kralovska Praha, who have taken a leaf out of Partisan's book in the recruitment business, and the ever-consistent Molly Malones. It's not been all bad for us, with 17 points out of a possible 21 so far against the bottom-half teams, but the shortfalls have come against the top challengers, with only 1 win and 4 defeats so far.

Five more players have joined the Partisan 100 Club: Armand Guri, Vitaly Klopot, Prague League captain Dave Sheppard, Expat League captain Colin Sablack and goalkeeper-come-central-defender-come-leftback-leftwinger-forward-whereverweneedhim Jerry Lillard. The boy's certainly versatile. Lastly, as you may have noticed, we're working on a new website. Bear with us while some sections are still under construction.

Prague League P W D L GF:GA GD Pts
Sparta Krc C 20 16 3 1 73:31 +42 51
Slavoj Kolodeje 20 14 4 2 68:34 +34 46
Slovan Kunratice C 20 12 3 5 63:30 +33 39
Partisan Prague F.C. 20 10 2 8 56:40 +16 32
SK Viktoria Sterboholy C 20 8 3 9 49:63 -14 27
Sokol Kolovraty B 20 7 5 8 47:51 -4 26
Praga Praha B 20 6 5 9 40:52 -12 23
Spartak Hrdlorezy 20 6 4 10 47:63 -16 22
Sokol Dolni Pocernice C 20 6 2 12 44:55 -11 20
AFK Zabehlice 20 6 2 12 38:68 -30 22
Radlice 20 0 5 15 22:60 -38 5


The tables below tell most of the story: our maiden season in the Prague league was mostly a success in the face of adversity. We probably lost a dozen or so points along the way by a combination of appalling cheating by Czech teams, absolutely biased home linesmen, and refs who went along with their antics. We weren't faultless - there were a few occasions when we dropped points through our own naivety and lack of experience against certain styles of play. But overall, we can hold our heads high and say we achieved what we did through good football alone and were almost never outplayed.

Our Expat league campaign was even better. After a disappointing first season and fearing things could only get worse as we tried to stretch ourselves over two leagues, we went almost the whole season unbeaten. Our only defeat came when we tried to cram two matches into one weekend and came up short against outgoing champions Zizkov; and even that saw a determined second-half fightback after going down 4-1 in a leggy first half. And once again, we were the last team standing at the end-of-season party.

The end of the season also saw one major departure: after 5 years and 89 games for Partisan, Chris 'Captain Marvel' Johnson took leave of the Czech Republic to relocate with his family back to England. One of the most talented, athletic and versatile players to have graced Partisan's ranks, his contribution to the team will be missed, and a few other names are going to have to step up to fill the gap.

On that note, there are a few new arrivals to mention: Irishman Shane Fitzgerald, a tenacious midfielder, revives Partisan's longstanding tradition of representatives from the Emerald Isle and already began proving himself in the second half of the Expat season. Last season showed us how threadbare we can look at the back when keeper Simunek dislocated his elbow and Lillard had to don the gloves permanently in his absence. He coped brilliantly, but the message was clear: reinforcements needed. So here we have to thank Kudrev for bringing in a great prospect, Ales Kudlik. We've only seen him in action a couple of times so far, but hopes are high. Simunek has made his return from that injury to the training field, so we should be spoilt for choice of keepers in the coming season.

Two more players have joined Mark Child in the Partisan 100 Club: captain Bart Burgmans, already a legend in the ranks, made his centenary appearance in a 6-3 friendly win against Southampton University in March; and Radek Simunek also hit that milestone in a 2-2 draw against Praga B in May. Finally, Partisan will have a new away kit for the new season, in yellow and black, for which we owe a massive debt of gratitude to Endre Szabo.

Prague League P W D L GF:GA GD Pts
Sokol Cholupice B 26 20 5 1 106:25 81 65
SK Nusle B 26 19 3 4 107:42 65 60
SK Újezd Praha 4 B 26 18 5 3 118:54 64 59
Partisan Prague F.C. 26 13 6 7 92:48 44 45
Spartak Hrdlorezy 26 11 5 10 55:58 -3 38
Sokol Kolovraty B 26 11 4 11 56:56 0 37
SK Viktoria Šterboholy C 26 11 4 11 66:77 -11 37
Slovan Kunratice C 26 10 3 13 50:64 -14 33
Praga Praha B 26 8 4 14 41:67 -26 28
Sokol Dolní Pocernice C 26 8 2 16 48:72 -24 26
FC Bohemians Praha 26 7 3 16 47:79 -32 24
FC Inferno Praha B 26 5 2 19 31:99 -68 17
Radlice 26 3 3 20 20:85 -65 12
Expat League P W D L GF:GA GD Pts
Partisan Prague 12 11 0 1 60:24 36 33
Molly Malone's 12 6 2 4 21:21 0 20
Dynamo Zizkov 12 6 0 6 40:34 6 18
DHL 12 5 2 5 32:30 2 17
IFC 12 5 2 5 33:33 0 17
Kralovska Praha 12 3 1 8 31:50 -19 10
Dejvice Cosmos 12 1 3 8 8:34 -26 6


It's been an eternity since the last update, so first a lightning quick-conclusion from the previous post... the first expat superleague campaign ended with Partisan a disappointing 4th place out of 6, after a meltdown in a crunch game against IFC. Although the squad rallied after that to go the last 3 games undefeated, we fell far short of greatness, 5 points off the winning total amassed by DZ. Good as any team in the league on our day, what we lacked in the campaign was consistency.

In June, we bid a fond farewell to two Partisan giants: our captain Big Phil Alexander, who relocated to London with his missus and baby daughter; and the unstoppable Adrian Kieran, who went to woo the senoritas of the Iberian peninsula. We also lost new goalkeeping sensation Jorg Inning (4 games played, 2 clean sheets, 2 goals conceded, 1 goal scored), who went back to uni in Germany, and Dom "gives you wings" Rice, who is taking the Red Bull roadshow to the Austrians.

A traditionally quiet summer was followed by the biggest step in Partisan history: after climbing an administrative mountain, thanks in a massive part to the tireless efforts of Simunek, in mid-August we embarked on our first ever campaign in the Prague amateur football league, otherwise known to us as the PFL. We've started in the bottom tier, division A5B, a 14-team league with 13 games played from August to November and 13 played from March to May. We began the campaign with a 2-1 win out in the wilds of Kolovraty (about Prague 19 or something), against Sokol Kolovraty B, but it was a sharp introduction to some of the resentment and dirty play we would go on to encounter from some of the Czech teams. It's been up and down since then - some good wins under our belt and a fairly respectable top half placing, but at the same time we've fallen short on some occasions and could have been even higher up the table. Nevertheless, credit has to go to captain Bart Burgmans who, after a low point of a very disappointing mid-season 3-2 defeat against Bohemians V, has dug in, set the squad straight, and dragged a much more consistent and credible set of performances from the team. We've learned a lot in this half season, the key will be to build on that and produce consistent performances in the spring term, to start challenging for a top four place.

In addition to that, September saw the start of the second Expat Superleague season, which we shall refer to as PEPSL 2. Slightly expanded this time, with newcomers Kralovska Praha making it a 7-team, 12-match league, running September to April. Partisan's squads have given priority to players not registered for the PFL, but the talent in our ranks has meant it's by no means a B team. In fact, at time of writing we sit proudly atop the table with 4 wins out of 4. In contrast, last season's champions, Dynamo Zizkov, have gone the other way with 3 defeats out of 3, and are currently propping up the table. While they may have given themselves a mountain to climb to get back in the hunt, only a fool would write them off for any individual game, and we'll be ready for a tough match when we face them next weekend. Likewise IFC, who are very much in the hunt, the week after.

The big question prior to embarking on a two-pronged campaign was of course, do we have the squad to handle it? In the early days of the PFL, it did indeed look like we were spreading ourselves thin. However, recruitment has gone well... so here's the personnel news. Nelson, mentioned in May as a fullback/winger, has proved himself to be an extremely capable centre back in the PEPSL squad. His new team mate, for whom I am struggling to find the right superlatives, is Partisan's first Greek legend, Christos Theodoropoulos. He made a name for himself on his first outing, with 4 goals scored from centre back in a 7-4 league win against DHL. He hasn't been knocking them in so much since then... but we haven't been conceding many either. Not much gets past him. It's never a real Personnel News if there isn't a medical student in there somewhere, and special mention this time goes to the versatile Khyzer Chaudhury, Partisan's answer to Rory Delap when it comes to throw-ins, nominally a fullback, but willing to get stuck in wherever needed. A couple of very capable Czechs have also slipped into the Partisan ranks - Filip Kudrev and Roman Maceska - both doing very well in the expat league. Kudrev also brought with him a Brazilian bag of tricks, Ricardo Garcia, who delights and frustrates in varying amounts. More recent debutants have included Tobias Gisler, Tomas Rimovsky, Ashkan Shapouri, and Umit Caliskaner, the latter two both finding the net on their recent league debuts against Cosmos. Finally, former Partisan Dean DaLanca popped back up out of nowhere and has been putting in the odd appearance as well, when his schedule allows. So all in all, a big and very capable squad these days.

Final word has to go to Partisan's 12th man, our travelling support: we've had great turnout from the WAGS this autumn, as well as countless motley hangers-on: Armand's Albanian comedy sidekick springs to mind, as does Darren "on je homosexual" Mellis; and numerous Partisan's that have made the effort to support when they've not been playing: Anton, Dan F, Khyzer, Todd, Dean and others. We hit a record crowd of 21 supporters for one game in October! Winter weather probably won't favour those crowds, but we look forward to some big days out in the spring.


On the eve of what could be the greatest Champions League final ever, it only seems fitting to provide an update on what's going on with Partisan.

Results have fallen short of expectations. After 6 games unbeaten at the start of the year including a 9-1 hammering of Nigerians FC, we slipped to defeat against DZ in the second game of the expat superleague, a game we'd already identified as a must-win. We got back on track with a win against IFC, then slipped up to then-bottom-of-the-table Cosmos. Wins against Mollys and DHL got us rolling again but the campaign looked doomed with DZ building up a seemingly unassailable lead. Hopes have been raised again however, as IFC rallied from what was quite a slump by their standards to record victories against DZ and Mollys, turning the championship into a three-horse race. With matches against both teams in the next two weekends, our future is in our own hands, and we couldn't really ask for any more than that.

In personnel news, last time out I was singing the praises of Alex Fredriksen who bagged 5 goals in 3 games at the start of the year to race to the top of the scoring chart; well, the weekend after he packed his bags and headed back to Norway and that was that. Fortunately his place was immediately filled by another exceptionally talented Norwegian, Sigve Pedersen, who has so far netted 4 goals in 2 games. Let's hope he's not in a hurry to leave either. Other impressive debutants have included elite German keeper Jorg Inning (one game, one clean sheet), American centre-back Garrett Parker, English midfielder Dominic Rice, Welsh striker Shaz Khaliq, American midfielder PJ Taghavi, and Scottish fullback/winger Gordon Nelson. We've also had positive news from the treatment room as Sablack and Patel have re-emerged on to the training pitch, the latter even making it back out to 11-a-side this weekend, months ahead of schedule. We're hoping to clone whatever it is he has in his knees and pass it around. Which brings me onto one last bit of personnel news, as Child (yes, okay, i'm writing about myself in the third person, but how else do you expect me to do this?) became the first Partisan centurion, making his 100th appearance in a friendly against UK team Midway FC. It went something like this: opting for his old right wing spot instead of the more recent right-back berth he'd been occupying, the first half saw some steady distribution, a few good balls into the box, a few gaffes... and a pulled hamstring. And that was that. Back to right-back for game 101 then.

Moving on to next-generation news, the Partisan juniors team has swung firmly in favour of netball in 2009, as following the arrival of Big Phil's little'un Gracie in February, the gaffer Child took delivery of his second offspring, Nina, in March, and our Albanian battering ram Armand got his introduction to parenthood when his daughter Ema arrived in May. It's definitely going to take a different set of talents to the ones he uses on the field.


January is always a quiet month for Partisan in terms of matches, so to help kindle the legendary Partisan team spirit we organised the first ever squad weekender to the Krkonose mountains in northern Czech for some skiing, snowboarding and drinking action. Anticipating heavy demand we booked 20 places in a pension 200m from the brewery in Harrachov; in the end we scraped together 11 bodies with the help of former Partisan Mellis and returning "legend" Mark 'Banjo' Matthews. Slope abilities ranged from the elite (Bugel, Schuchardt) to the absolute beginners (Ross, Kieran, Burgmans). The latter two ripped into the slopes with their customary bravado, but found the mountain a tougher opponent than the usual drunks and pensioners we encounter on the football pitch. Credit to big Ade for putting it behind him and bouncing back on Saturday night; and Burgmans who has since been back to conquer the downhill. Ross, meanwhile, took a more studied and cautious approach to the sport and was rewarded for his perseverence, with a good handle on the basics by the end of the weekend. Final special mention must be made of Klopot and Sheppard who were jointly awarded the inaugural "Pussy of the Month" award for January for pulling out of the event hours and days prior to the event with excuses so lame I can't bring myself to type them here.

Matches got underway in February, and we've started with three wins out of three, a big improvement on our sloppy start to 2008. Special mention to our viking frontman Fredriksen who's bagged 5 goals in 3 games so far, and the three different defensive pairings that have had to plug the gaps since the loss of Patel. On the subject of our winner of best defender for 2008, he joined our long-term casualty list (see Sablack, Hurry) with a shredded ACL that's going to have to be completely replaced with a lab-grown graft. Nasty, and means at least 6 months on the sidelines for the big guy, but hey, 10 years ago that kind of weird science wouldn't even have been available to us. Strange forces have also been at work as the aforementioned Banjo not only made the ski trip, but has also been back at training after several years in the international wilderness, and even made his return to the 11-a-side squad in our 3-2 victory over IFC... an occasion he marked by scoring 50% of their goals for them...

Looking ahead, March sees the start of the 6-team Prague expat superleague, featuring ourselves, IFC, DZ, DHL, Molly Mallone's, and Cosmos, and running through to the end of July. We'll be targeting a much better finish than the mini-league we ran last February...

Finally, first out of the gate in the Partisan juniors race in 2009 went to captain 'Big Phil' Alexander and his missus Alex, who delivered Gracie into the world on February 16. Good luck Phil, hope you master those nappy changes as adeptly as you marshal the midfield...


So 2008 is gone but not forgotten. The stats: 39 games played, 26 wins, 1 draw, and 12 defeats; a massive 135 goals scored, 65 conceded. The records: that's the most games in a year, the best wins-to-games ratio, by far the most goals scored, and the best goals-to-games ratio. We also achieved our main objective for the year, which was to tip the balance of the all time stats in favour of the Wins column:

End of 2007 - P 101, W 43, D 14, L 44;
End of 2008 - P 140, W 69, D 15, L 56.

Oh, and there was also a record victory (9-0 against Team Medics), and the most consecutive wins we've had - 9 from June to September.

The awards night became the Bart Burgmans show as he cemented his status as a Partisan legend, deservedly picking up Player of the Year (for the second time), Best Midfielder (for the third time) and Best Veteran (for the second time). He was also narrowly pipped to the post by Todd "Goldenballs" Benson in the Best Drinker category, an award that was not so warmly received by Benson's missus. Armand Guri was another one stacking up the accolades, claiming the Golden Boot with a club-record 27 goals and also picking up Best Forward (for the second time). Keyur Patel was voted Best Defender, and Julien Vinhas won Best New Player, which he celebrated by handing in his resignation in January. Seriously. Full listings on the Awards 2008 page. Earlier in the day Phil's Stripes claimed victory in a very entertaining inter-club match, overcoming Bart's Blues 8-6 on a snow-covered pitch.


First, for the record, i'm ditching this SHOCK business. I'm bored of it, I'm a veteran of the football business, and nothing shocks me anymore. Not even Partisan's most dependable son, Sablack, doing his ligaments while playing for another team. Long-term absentee Clifford was also implicated in this scandal, swiping Sablack for his elusive DHL team that hasn't been available to play us since June. Enough said...

So the unbeaten run went to 9 games, and was ended in a close encounter with Bankovni Balet. The 3-1 scoreline didn't really reflect a hard-fought, balanced encounter in which we put our opponents under some periods of sustained pressure but were ultimately undone by a couple of slips over the whole 90 minutes. Since then it's been 5 wins out of 6, the only slip up coming against old rivals Dynamo Zizkov on a weekend where we had 10 regulars missing. Credit to the lads that did show up and keep the scoreline respectable, but unless every member of the squad is present and performing then we're going to be hard-pressed to get results.

Personnel news: Benson back in action and knocking the goals in, aforementioned Clifford also back at training and so far injury free. Sadly Campbell's career is indefinitely derailed with surgery on both ankles looming, while Hurry continues to struggle with a back problem. In arrivals news, a two-pronged Nordic invasion has come ine the shape of Alex Fredriksen and Daniel Bugel, attacker and attacking midfielder respectively, with 3 goals between them in our last match. At the other end of the field, we now have two keeper options with the very impressive Jorg Inning relocating from his German club to join the Partisan ranks. He's yet to take his 11-a-side bow, but training displays have got most of the squad keen to see him in action. Another good cross-border signing has been German holding midfielder Stephan Schuchardt, who's struck up a good partnership with battling Bart in the centre of the pitch, and even weighs in with the odd goal now and then. After 9 months out injured, Jaime Martinez made a surprise return to the squad, not only that, he brought two brothers with him! The very talented Felipe who had a spell with Partisan back in 2005, and teenage Ricardo, a quieter presence so far, but looks like he'll be a useful fullback next year. Finally, bolstering our contingent of Med students, the enigma known only as Shaz has been rattling the goals in on the training pitch and could be a great strike partner for Armand next year... if he manages to show up for the games. Oh, and Matt's back in action. I think.

In terms of Partisan juniors, 2009 is going to be a big year for squad building, with no less than 4 due in the first 6 months of the year. First off the production line should be captain Phil Alexander's firstborn, due in February, followed swiftly by my second, in March. Magic Johnson is next in line to unveil his second, due in May, followed by another parental novice, Armand, in June. It'll be interesting watching him trying not to spit out his favourite catchphrase (hint - WTF) if Mrs Armand brings the little one to any games. At any rate, the next generation is growing, and we'll soon be able to field a whole team of mini-Partisans. I should start taking bets on who's next. Scott, Todd, Jaime? Safehands Simunek? Fancy Finlay? Or - assuming he stays in the country - Burgmans getting busy?

That's about all for now. Last competitive match of the year takes place this Thursday, another crack at Bankovni Balet. After that there's one 5-a-side tournament with local rivals DZ and IFC, followed by the Christmas game, party, and of course, The Awards. Watch this space.


After hitting 6 consecutive victories twice this year, we've finally gone one better and set a new record of 7. Let's see how long we can stretch it if I haven't jinxed it already. We've also already exceeded last year's record number of games, 29 under our belts so far in 2008, and many more to come; current stats are W20 D1 L8, also an improvement on last year.

On an individual level, Armand Guri is now all-time top scorer with 36 goals to his name, is running away with the golden boot award this year, and maintaining an impressive goals-to-games ratio. If he could only learn to pass sometimes, our scorelines might be even more impressive.

Other personnel news; well, it's slightly old news now, but Corey Moffat ended his short spell at the club in June, returning to the States despite our best efforts to persuade him to stay on. Sami Kemila also bid farewell to these shores and is now living it up in Barcelona (don't Finns melt in warm climates?), while Jaime Martinez has performed a more effective vanishing act than Houdini ever managed.

It's not all been one way traffic though. New signing Sam Wilhelm-Ross is another transatlantic arrival who's already proving himself to be as committed, dependable and versatile as young Sablack. Sneakily, after a 9-2 thrashing of some balkan students back in May, we managed to purloin their best player and scorer of both their goals, Frenchman Julien Vinhas. A great addition to the squad as an attacking midfielder (he's already bagged 4 goals in 3 games), the only question is how regularly his other commitments allow him to appear for us - seems to be a busy guy. Another provisional new recruit from the same match was solid Albanian centre-back Madi (I assume he has a full name, but it's not been revealed to us yet), provisional again because we're not sure if he's going to show up regularly or not. Still, at least he gives Armand someone else to argue with when he does show up. Finally, continuing the trend of swiping players from other teams, Dammy Olubokun joined us from KP's Medics team and has since been a steady appearance at training and in defence, except when he's taking exams or removing kidneys or something.

Yo-yo awards go to Benson, Campbell, Clifford, Hurry and Rokaas who have been in and out of the treatment room more frequently than the kind of metaphor that a civilised site like this just wouldn't publish. Weird illness award goes to Matt Ostrowski who is out at the moment with a bizarre ailment that started in his right foot, spread a rash all over his body, has since confounded three different doctors, and last we heard was being subjected to exploratory surgery. It all sounds a bit scifi-horror to me, so we're looking to sell the rights to his story to David Cronenberg to raise money for the new kit.

Did I mention that by the way? We're on the verge of ordering a new kit as an alternative to the blue. In fact, I was halfway through the Czech order form, dictionary in hand, the other day, when Radek mentioned he might be able to pick up some pro-gear from a sweatshop in the Carribean when he goes out there in December. We're now trying to hammer out a deal which would see Vitaly and Sam spend 3 months as child labour in their factory, in exchange for 15 full strips. Finally finally, Partisan are working towards entering the Prague league in time for the 2009-2010 season. Watch this space.


Apologies for another long gap between instalments, perhaps this section just shouldn't be called News at all...

Terrible start to the year with 3 straight defeats, Partisan sleepwalking out of the winter break; stopped the rot with a 2-2 draw against the, er, Mighty Medics, then went on a rampaging record-breaking run of 6 consecutive victories, including a storming 9-0 against the aforementioned Medics. Double-figure goal tally still eludes us though. Wheels fell off a bit in a one-day tournament that saw Partisan finish fourth out of... four; but with some pride intact after beating eventual champions Zizkov in the group stage.

In personnel news, cap'n Johnson handed on the armband after a brief spell as family and other commitments cut into his Partisan time. Assuming the position is Norn Iron Man Big Phil Alexander, who's to be commended for several MOTM performances and leading us on that mighty run of victories. So inspired is he that he's been growing his locks into a big shaggy Tarzan mane and taking to the pitch in his boxer shorts to terrify the opposition. Another underwear-flouting revelation has been Todd Goldenballs Benson who, with a run of games under his belt, started banging the goals in and took the lead in the Golden Boot rankings. One rebound off the post away from a hattrick against NUSSFC, unfortunately the big guy popped a tendon in the following tournament and joins long-term injuries Janzer, Martinez and Sadowski in the treatment room. Special mention goes to Burgmans who made his 50th Partisan appearance in the 3-0 win over NUSSFC. Reinforcing the team has been rock-solid Corey Moffat, one of the best centre-backs ever to grace the Partisan ranks; Dean DaLanca, a very talented veteran of various Ryman league clubs; and Andrew Del Mastro, a solid Aussie full-back. Szabo made a welcome return after a long spell out injured and even Fancy Finlay has been spotted hovering around the Partisan scene once again. The lure of the glory days, just too strong for some to resist!

The latest addition to the Partisan juniors squad is Jerry Lillard III, son of... uh, okay, you guessed already. If he ever lines up alongside his dad, we won't know who's shouting at who. Finally some news on Partisan veterans present and absent: Keaty-Watch reports that the ex-gaffer has found himself a team in Berlin: "They didn't hesitate to offer me a place in the squad once they'd seen me in action" he modestly admitted. Another founder member, Mark Andress, is currently back in Prague on paternity leave with missus and offspring in tow... sadly we won't be able to get Natalie into the juniors team unless we go co-ed (is that the right word, americans?); despite numerous invitations however, Andress Sr is yet to be seen recapturing his glory days at a Partisan training session. Lastly a big shout-out goes to our own Till Janzer who just turned 40 - look forward to seeing him back on the training pitch.


15 months is a lot of time to cover in one update, but here goes...

After Keaty's shock stepdown and the tentative division of duties, things rapidly boiled down to Child doing most of everything, ably assisted by Clifford; Keaty, Janzer and Martinez weighing in whenever necessary. Johnson's run as captain came to a premature end as he found the burden of responsibility too much and wanted to just concentrate on his game. For a while Kemila filled the role, until his international coaching exploits took him elsewhere. In the end Child donned the armband, with Johnson, Clifford and a few other key members handling things in his absence. Well, the first bit of real news here, is that from 2008 Johnson has agreed to have another go at the role. As 2007's Player of the Year and Best Midfielder, as well as a new father to boot (Cole Johnson, another future Partisan set to line up alongside Jamie Child in about 2024), we're sure he'll handle the role admirably and take us to even greater heights.

On the subject of greater heights, 2007 was our best year ever, playing more matches, winning more matches - both proportionally and in absolute terms - and scoring more goals than any previous year. The whole squad can pat itself on the back or something. We slipped up in our 100th game but won the 101st. All-time record is now Won 43, Drawn 14, Lost 44. Target for 2008 is to make the first number bigger than the last. We even made it into local rag the Prague Post for our efforts.

New recruits include keeper Radek "200% Committed" Simunek; Best New Player and possibly youngest-ever Partisan regular, Vitaly Klopot; lanky centreback Keyur Patel; rock-solid Scottish centreback Craig Hurry (filling Joe Clarke's boots, but with less shouting); midfield giant Adrian Kieran; and Dave Sheppard, another skillful midfielder in the Finlay style. Not-really-new-anymore recruits include ex Finnish pro Sami Kemila and veteran German stalwart Gerd Lemke.

Finally, some news on the ex-gaffer himself Gerry "the Visionary" Keaty: the big guy will be taking a sabbatical from Prague for a year or two, as he and Mrs. Keaty swan off to sample the nightlife of Berlin. No doubt he'll show up on the Partisan pitch from time to time, and we haven't ruled out the prospect of home-and-away fixtures once he gets himself sorted out with a Krautrock team. Watch this space...


A whole host of new faces have been brought into the club by the management team in order to take the fans attention away from the loss of favourite Dennis Appel in the summer.

You might not win anything with kids, as the saying goes, but we didn't win anything with "adults" either. So a raft of hopeful youngsters have been drafted in to get Partisan through this transition period.

The most experienced of the lot is our first Albanian representant, Armand "white van man" Guri. Made an immediate imapct with bags of goals. A real rough customer, who was basically sent off in one of his first games versus IFC by his own captain "Governor" Johnson. Despite this, has become a firm favourite of ex-gaffer Keaty and the fans by introducing the Albanian death grip to an opponent's neck. Despite trying to induce a better disciplinary record in the club, Johnson found Guri behind the changing rooms after the game, explaining the intricacies of the death grip to well interested centre back and all round nut job on the field, Ostrowski. He was heard asking Guri: "Should it be tight enough that the referee can't hear him choking?"

Other recruits include Team USAer Colin Sablack, whom Ostrowski met one day at a tram stop, cool but hamstring prone Swede Anders Rokaas, and the Panzer Mark II, Pole Lukasz Misiarz (which is high praise indeed as the Panzer Mk I was none other than pre-Partisan legend Johannes Soehn).


In events as momentous to Partisan as the fall of the Berlin Wall to Commies in this part of the world, Partisan dictator, sorry, founder and chairman, Keaty, has decided to relinquish the reins of power for the first time.

Like in 1989 when dissidents met with high ranking Party members to negotiate handover, Keaty and sidekick Child met with a select few to decide the future of the club.

The results of the meeting are the following positions for 2006-07:

Team captain Chris Johnson
Fixtures Dan Finlay, Chris Reichmuth
Pitches, referees Till Janzer, Keaty
Treasurer M Child
Practice session equipment Jaime Marinez
New player advertising Scott Clifford


Partisan Hall of Famer (how many are there for God's sake), legend Sylvain Chalieux, has decided to hang up his boots. He will relocate to his native Lyon after 4 stormy years in a Partisan jersey.

Taking after his rebelious hero Eric Cantona, he had many a run in with no-nonsense manager Keaty. Not happy about having to defend as a defender, Keaty was on the verge of transferring him out of the club on many an occasion, after catching him leaning on a corner flag posing with a Gauloises in the corner of his mouth as a corner kick came in. In the end they managed to patch things up to the extent that Chalieux actually scored his first goal for the club shortly before retiring.

Is to be found sipping espressos in his local cafe


Partisan Hall of Famer, legend Mark Child, became a father for the first time.

Great timing by mum Marketa to deliver their son Jamie on Yankie independence day.

Speculation is rife whether Jamie will declare to play for England or the Czech Republic once he comes of age through the Partisan youth academy. Present academy members - just Jamie for the moment.


Partisan Hall of Famer, legend Dennis Appel has left the club.

After a long and loyal playing career at Partisan, he just couldn't take anymore of Keaty's team selection policies. He was always outspoken against Keaty's flair football style and was known to favour a 6-3-1 formation. A final training ground bust up occurred with witnesses catching the words "who's playing left've got to be crapping me!" The gaffer was left with no choice but to terminate his contract forthwith.

Appel took some time out to decide his future. He finally decided to take his chances with the Hong Kong league. He told waiting journalists: "Its been my childhood dream to play in the Hong Kong league and win the title there. Not to mention the fact that its a great place to pick up oodles of cheap fake designer brands and electronics."


Due to the injury crisis (Fancy Dan Finlay and Fancy Jaime Martinez) and wave of transfer requests hitting the gaffer's desk in recent months (Felipe Martinez) the gaffer was forced to emulate his premeiership rival Arsene Wenger, and introduce some raw young talent into the first team squad.

Starting with spindly legged Dubliner (no not that Dublin more's the pity, because it would be funny to see an old bearded folk singer running out onto the pitch with a Banjo. No it's Dublin, Ohio) Matt Ostrowski, who can play anywhere and comes from our US feeder club the Colombus Panthers. Ostrowski told reporters he looks forward to Keaty's management style after the years he spent with the Panthers gaffer, Johhnny Blake. Keaty has denied the rumours that Blake has been emailing the club threatening physical violence unless Ostrowski returns to the Panthers.

Next up is Daniel "Svennson" Jerabek. He didn't ingratiate himself with Keaty when his agent described Jerabek as a Swedish version of that shaggy haired simulant Pavel Nedved. Jerabek's agent learned the hard way that Keaty goes purple faced with rage whenever Nedved's name is mentioned. Nevertheless, whenever he can be bothered to turn up at a game, he has shown nice touches and a possible threat to Child for the right wing berth. When this was suggested to Jerabek by curious reporters, Jerabek was diplomatic: "Mark Child has been a role model for me. He can trap a ball farther than I can kick it. So Im just here to learn from the master."

Finally, a late addition to the squad before the traansfer window closed, was the Swissman Christoph "third" Reichmuth. Multilingual Reichmuth who speaks German, French , Italian, English and Swiss will do well if he can master the real language at the club - Glaswegian. No amount of PhD.s are going to crack that Christoph.


In the annual awards poll, Bart Burgmans was voted Partisan's Player of the Year for 2005.


In a change to our annual Christmas party ritual, for the first time we didn't have the General Knowledge quiz. And in the awards categories, the silly ones were for the first time omitted - Mr Angry, Best drinker, Dirtiest Player, Laziest Player etc. Joe Clarke for once silenced!


Keaty was forced to offload 3 players in their last year of their current contract, Mike Ripley, Adam Wein, and Mark Andress. "With such a lack of progress in new contract negotiations, I was forced sell them off before they left for free on a Bosman."

Ripley, snapped up by lower league Warsaw team, had struck such a rich vein of form in the Partisan back four during the summer. Keaty refused to comment on speculation that Dan "My Show Pony" Finlay would take over from Ripley.

Adam Wein, a long-term fixture at left back, was unsettled by long absences from the first team. When forced to captain the Partisan Reserves, he felt that was the last straw. Wein was signed by an as yet unconfirmed club in the UK, although so far he is maintaining that he just wants to "spend more time with the family." Wein's replacement is 25 year old US Eagle, Milan Perazich. Perazich, a bit of an unknown quantity to other European clubs was a surprise signing, but with his speed and lovely tan, there's loads of material for fans to think up of humorous songs to ryhme with his name. Milan. Tan. Get it?

Finally, co-founder of Partisan, Mark Andress has chosen to leave for the warmer climates of the Mexican league. Signed up by Azteca Tijuana for a bowl of chili and the use of a pack mule, he chose to ignore the boss's last gasp offer of a beer, sausage, AND utopenec per goal deal.

The transfer monies were used to bring in Hungarian pocket rocket Endre Szabo from FC Irelande of Brussels. Keaty has scotched rumours that Szabo is favoured because of his Ireland connections. But so far he has been a hit with the fans, as Szabo grabbed 4 goals in as many matches. Other transfer news to come.


Yes Partisan have played 50 11 a side games now. The milestone was reached in a momentous, stupendous, goal-tastic victory over Prague rivals, Dynamo Zizkov. What a way to celebrate our 50th. 4 goals to 2 with Perazich and Martinez sharing the scoring.


3 in one summer. Former 11-a-side man Jarda Berger, Partisan iron-man Dennis Appel, and Partisan founder Keaty all gave into the inevitable and got married to their very patient partners. Not all on the same day mind you, although Appel and Keaty only managed to avoid each others' big day by 2 weeks. Could be the start of a dynasty. Champions League for Partisan in 20 years time! You heard it here first.


Yes, its true, I've neglected this page on the site for 6 months and then I make 3 stories out of one game. A coincidence , that's all. Anyway, Orr makes a tentative comeback, testing the water in the second half. A year and a half and 3 leg surgeries later, there's no doubt the boy hasn't lost it, scoring a trademark goal to tie the game in Trencin.


OK, we didn't travel that far outside the border, but it still counts. A 2-2 draw in the beautiful town of Trencin, Slovakia. It'll be Champions league in 10 years - mark my words. Has the scribbler ever been wrong? Eh? What's that? Oh.

06/2005: 100th PARTISAN GOAL SHOCK!

So we've reached our first ton of goals - coming in only 43 games, which is a goal average of, eh, ...2.33 a game. And it was Big Darren who scored, volleying in a rebound from a Finlay shot in the first half of our game against Trencin.


no doubt chosen for due to his his bloody-minded committment, his tenacity, his ability to make decisive tackles, the way he scares the pants off the opposition, and also his ability to pop up with a gem of a goal or two. He also took home Defender of the year, and hastily put-together jury award, Clubman of the year. All the good awards. What more could he ask for? What's that? Play anywhere but centre back? Hmmm...Anyway another person to make a splash was Bart Burgmans claiming midfielder and newcomer of the year. And well deserved they were too. Even Johan Karlsson managed to break his losing streak, by finally claiming an award after 3 years trying. He walked off with forward of the year although he only played in 4 games. No doubt the Scandinavian regional votes were decisive. Anyway, just shows you that that's one award that's wide open in 2005 - and no Richie that doesn't mean you'll be moved out of defence any time soon.


Well done to Mark who got married to the lovely Alena. Partisans a-plenty celebrating well into the night, not least Japan Boy, who had certainly had a few.


Partisan Prague FC have made their first newspaper report. The Deniky Bohemia (Bohemian Daily) newspaper reported the Ben Cup tournament we took part in the town of Jimramov in August. The report went as follows:

"Tournament victory remains in local hands". Jimramov won the 2004 BEN Cup, the 6th annual runnning of the tournament. They smoothly overcame Jamne 3:0 in the final. The tournament included 4 teams - Jimramov, Jamné, Ždár, and the English team Partisan Prague. "They are made up of lads that work in Prague. They don't play in any league so that's why they are looking for a tournament" said one of the organisers Jaroslav Pajkr. The typical English strengths were showcased in Jimramov. "There were a few light skirmishes, but it all returned to a friendly note again soon after" claimed Pajkr. The footballers praised their stay inJimramov and promised to take part again next year. With such beautiful weather, 180 spectators turned up. The top goalscorers were Libor Procházka of Jimramov and Petr Nedved from Ždár. There were some enquiries made by the local police the next day regarding the whereabouts of the owner of a UK registered car, who was suspected of ferrying some tournament participants back to their lodgings while under the influence. OK, so I made that last sentence up.

First round
Jimramov - Partisan Prague 3: 1 (2: 0), goals: Procházka, A. Nedela, Šimon - Apple
Jamné - Zdar 2: 2 (0: 2), 3: 2 after pens. goals: Varhaník, Bidmon - Nedved, Mareš.

3rd place playoff
Partisan Prague - Zdar 1: 1 (1: 0), 4: 3 after pens. goals: Keaty - Nedved

Jimramov - Jamné 3: 0 (3: 0), goals: Pavel Sedlák, Chuchma, Procházka


Partisan Prague FC have made some forays into the transfer market, based on the mid-season departure of Josh "No Joshster" Campbell on a Bosman, and the long term injury to Fabio "Out of the country" Lembo. Despite numerous public displays of badge kissing, Campbell was off when the first decent offer came in.

In preparation for this departure, the club strengthened (or weakened, depending on your point of view) the squad with the arrival of ex-Scottish Schoolboy International (we’re not sure at what though), Scott "Rocky" Clifford. A utility player with a possibly useful tendency to injure others (players or innocent bystanders), with his directionless free kicks. A self-styled hard man who even has a tattoo to prove it. Foolishly, he nutmegged player-manager Keaty in his first indoor training game with the team, and to compound his mistake, moved forward to score a goal. Keaty was heard to mutter: "He’s a marked man now. We have a place for lads like that." Clifford has currently played 7 consecutive games in defence. Coincidence? Make out of that what you will.

The summer transfers have brought in has-been water-carrier, Mark "Nutty" Matthews and fluff player Daniel "Fancy Dan" Finlay (not to be confused with long standing club member Johan "Fancy Sven" Karlsson). Matthews was recommended by erstwhile colleague Clifford, after being released on a free transfer from his former club, Imlington Revolution, citing the words “show“ and „pony“. Expected to aimlessly run around a lot to let the current crop of aging Partisan midfielders to paper over the cracks a little longer. "I'm delighted to have Mark on board," said a delighted Clifford. "He’s my boss and I wanted a chance to further my career. What better way than by using every opportunity to pass to him during a game.” Finlay is expected to score goals, due to the fact that erm, basically no-one else knows how. Also fulfills the requirement that says every proper club has to have a player with a double-barreled surname (Finlay-Casebook). The other requirement, a mullet, is proving harder to come by.

Further strengthening is expected with the on-loan Australian Darren “the Aussie” Mellis and Bart “flying Dutchman” Burgmans set to sign one-year beer for goals contracts.


After a battling 1-0 win against Dynamo Zizkov, and a 1-1 draw against IFC, we finished second (based on goal difference) to Fash FC in the Prague Cup. In other words, we're officially top ex-pats team in Prague. Only a year and a half after playing our first 11 a side we're now officially better than the other two which have been on the scene forever. A nice revenge for the 6-2 loss to Zizkov only a few months before when their parting words were "you're where we were about 5 years ago." Well in that case, we must have hijacked Dr. Who's fuckin' time machine or something. No so arrogant cnuts anymore.


The human turbine, Josh Campbell, is leaving to work in New Zealand. He was the most reliable and genuinely keen fella we have ever had on our books. And to cap it all he could play a bit. The guy was becoming more and more fit and effective every game.You have to look around at all that flab and wonder where we're going to replace him. How come all the good players leave?


Well there's not much to say about that is there. We're probably just playing too high quality teams.


Yes its back again in all its glory after 6 months away - bad speling, gramatically mistakes and all. The trademark humourous digs at all and sundry abound as usual. The major development is the change from a black colour theme to a white one - can't even remember why I did it anymore. I just did. Otherwise its the same scabby DIY site it always was. But with more pictures than ever - and with a bucket load more ready to upload over the next few weeks. And don't forget to leave a message on the, er, new message board. Cheers.


Our leading goalscorer is ruled out for months in freak injury while back in Glasgow on a flying visit. Darn it. Involved his ankle, a set of steps and large doses of alcohol (allegedly).


The silent mysterious bass-playing Irish centre back leaves for home. Young Richard claims he told no-one he was departing. It even came as a shock to himself, to find himself supping Guinness at Dublin airport again. Its not that we didn't try with the guy - can anyone remember his "fruit" poem he got us to recite at the Christmas knees-up? And what about his punk band, and their attempts at a concept album involving nations of the world...each track supposed to be about a different country. Despite this was a really reliable player. Damn, means I might have to play back in defence again.


After half a year perfecting the art of losing games, now we can't sem to get back into the habit. A well deserved draw with IFC puts our unbeaten run on 5 games (4 wins and a draw).


The most predictable vote since Saddam Hussein last called a Presidential election, as Simon collects about half a dozen awards including Player of the year. One he doesn't get is Angry Man of the Year, which i s collected on an annual basis by Mark "Mandy" Andress.


Quentin Ring, our hard tackling 6 times capped Los Angelean, played his last game for Partisans. He is heading back home to the real world after putting up with 12 months here as a teacher. An amazing tackler, forced to play almost everywhere except goalie.

6/09/2003: KEPLER CUP SHOCK!

A 5 a side tournament organised by ourselves to raise money for a kit. Wasn't very profitable in the end. But was a good way to socialise with new players as well as play some football. We had 3 teams, Fractal pub, Karlsson's Swedish visitors, and ABRO Media with one each. Not that it matters much but Partisan A and B teams contested the final. B (led by Josh Campbell) came out winners 4-0


Due to his unfortunately getting the sack from his rubbish employers, Steve made it to possibly his last practice game. He will be going back to the UK for a while to assess the situation. He will be missed - an original Partisan, a good guy and an excellent player who gave a lot to our football. Is due a testimonial if he will be around in the Autumn.


Congrats to David Canek who got married to his Italian girlfriend in Naples.


Last minute recruitment of best ex-pat goalie in the business, Andrea Colantoni, steadied our nerves. 2 close defeats. Lack of players meant we didn't complete our last 2 games. Good experience though. Plenty of lessons for Till, Robin, and Sylvain from Andrea on how to defend.


A bloody great weekend. But for goodness sake, we beat a team of grandads 3-2, and barely just. I am afraid, despite some protests to the contrary from other team members, the news archive "scribbler" will have to tell it like it is. Complacency can lead to terrible scorelines. Another 4 forced changes to the team sheet didn't help. But our general fitness, and especially committment is something we are bloody weak on. We've got to give it our all in every game - otherwise what's the point. Nevertheless we did score 3 times in one game, and a win is a win isn't it? We broke our duck. But what about our singing? Must improve before south bohemia in August.


7-2 is fairly emphatic, isn't it? But if the defence gives away two gift-wrapped goals in the first 10 minutes, then 7-2 starts to look a little more optimisic. The centre backs got some heavy duty sprint training and they would really like to thank the rest of the team, especially midfield for making it possible.


One of the two teams we enetered into the TJ Sokol Cimice 5 a side tournament carried away the top prize. Winning captain Steve Sillett.

17/03/2003: A STAR IS BORN SHOCK!

Just for the record - Jiri Letak celebrated the birth of his second son in February. The baby was delivered by one of the doctors who played on the winning team in the Schering Cup. Over the dinner after the competition he got talking with him and actually recruited him (2 months in advance) on the spot for the job!!


The web site is launched with some trepidation. At least it might find it useful. Hopefully it will act as a sort of information centre for all the future fixtures and a place to keep all our club statistics. Partisan Prague FC was about the best name we could come up with.

15/03/2003: FIRST EVER 11 A SIDE.

Our first game of 11 a side football game was played against Medics Utd., a bunch of foreign students studying at Charles University. A well played game, coming out 3-1 losers. Some non replies from a few of our players meants we had to scrape around for a team the night before.